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A because it reflects the actual value of your home in the eyes of your tax collector. Let's talk property taxes. Now, we're the pro. And I mean, a pro joining us now is Ben Anderson the tax collector of Okaloosa county, Florida. That's the home of fort Walton beach and Destin on Florida's beautiful panhandle. Ben is a real tour emeritus having worked with buyers and sellers for forty two years before dedicating all his time to his duties as tax collector, then how are you? I'm doing absolutely terrific today. And it's just wonderful to be here with fellow realtors. And homeowners across America, Ben, we're delighted that you're with us. Now, I question how is my tax Bill created? Well, that's a great question. And and I think often a big question that people want to know, your local tax Bill is created by a blended effort between local government is trying to determine their budget and the property assessor. Value on each parcel under county. They join me well established the tax Bill on your property got it. But here's another question. Ben, why is it that the assessed value of my house is always lower than the appraised value of my house. Well, and there's kind of a common acceptance and government and taxation in that they attempt to give you a net after sale the and negotiation bag so oftentimes you're going to find that your property assessor will take anywhere from fifteen to twenty five percent off the top depending on the market that you're in. And that's where the big difference comes down. So they tried to arrive at a fair value based on a net fail. You've just taught me something. I never knew that the assessment was considered a net price. That's. Very interesting. Ben, tell us about the homestead exemption. We encourage all of Americans to own a home. It's the American dream on home and intern government rewards that by giving you a deduction against your best value for owning that home, and that can be a big deduction it is and in many areas, it's around twenty five thousand here in Florida that's been increased under base twenty five plus certain conditions that folk into another twenty five for total fifty thousand dollar auction that comes directly off of the assessed value of what the topic praise. Your put on your home. Ben if I come into your office and say, I want to appeal my property tax Bill can I win. Yeah. Sometimes absolutely has always prepared. What's your estimation? A steady with your approach on it and be diligent and underlining to the truth of watch your property is worth as an individual property and not it's under the tide with all the property appeal directly with the facts and feel it like this Ben has anyone ever come to you and said my property taxes are too low, sir. I do not hear that. Look at that. As the justified American. Ben, it's always a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you, so much pleasure to be with you. And your listeners, Ben Anderson. The tax collector of Okaloosa county in Florida and a real tour for forty two years..

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