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It back to you. All right. I won't take it personally. If you tell them in the fog this morning, because actually we all are aren't we? That was my job. On Facebook this morning. Hey, who's got fog? Let me know. And then I said, but I don't mean if your NFL. Okay. All right. Thanks Tamil talk again in just few minutes. Woodland forty six degrees. The temperature in Roseville is at forty seven in Sacramento. It's also forty-seven. And this update brought to you by hansonmcclain advisors. Seven thirteen now at newsradiokkob if k in time to catch you up on all of our national stories. From ABC news. Sherry preston. President Trump on his way to south Texas trying to shore up support for payer funded border wall as the partial government shutdown reaches day, twenty minutes ago is boarding Marine One. He said his party is standing firm. The Republicans are extremely United ABC's. Jim Ryan has more from McAlpine Texas, the president's trip to the border is part factfinding mission part sales pitch among some here in the Rio Grande valley, he's preaching to the converted our country. Safe says, Mary Lou Prudencio who recognizes that the president is having trouble finding money for a border barrier. Her message to him. Start. She and her friends have raised about twelve thousand dollars in donations money, which she wants to go President Trump's hands. So that nobody can mess with it. Jim Ryan, ABC news, mcallen, Texas. The president refusing to end the shutdown with alpha wall Democrats still refusing to fund it. The White House says the president is not ruled out going around congress by declaring a national emergency. No, the White House is looking into this option and the legal ramifications of all of this. But here on the hill, it is a highly divisive idea even within the Republican party some.

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