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Kurt busch will slip that opens up the inside lane for martin junior true x we'll go to second hill up the race track kurt busch by kevin harvick right there as well second third and fourth up for grabs as kyle larson race leader against the pull away hurt scott second right behind them sidebyside harbor patrol wax mcdonagh hand side martin not all the way up to down the bottom advantage three cars battling for second third and fourth kurt busch has second side by side right behind him kevin harvick to the inside a martin extramural four true except for the top side of the race track about midway up the banking and indeed he's gonna lose that spot but now he'll point the nose of toyota to the inside of the track harvick season common blocks of equal took the second spot door down low building he'll take her i hurt bush will give it up and fall back at position number four all of this going on sub six cart behind the race leader that's kyle larson who led twenty laps here one year ago he came home third he'd like to lead all of the ninety four remaining labs he's got about a five parliament advantage over kevin harvick then true x kurt busch brad keselowski at chase elliott trevor bayne together he fought it all the way they are indeed and kevin harvick's chopped off a couple of car links on the deficit mcleod flat car ahead they're going to happen around watching eric merola trying to dig back up to the front of the field he has made up some ground rusty he's up to the eighteenth position but man he's having a hard time finding way through trap that's frustrating have a car that's up front lead but everybody talks about when you're up front you got that clean air your car's always lot faster now eric is back in the mix of all that probably the car's not hand look good like it was early was to see what happens now guys battled for the lead over intern number three here comes kevin harvick gel around the outside of kevin larsen kyle larson larson will slide up the race track he'll slow down kevin harvick for a moment behind them the racing three wide but we'll pick up the battle for the lead at wine characteristically favor track right now he don't now where do the crossover kevin harvick goes from right to left pulls even with kyle larson deterrent three battle for the latest chicago land is over kevin harvick back to the point now harvey said you can have the top side of the race track i'll drive down here and just look blow owned by that's exactly what he did so harvick back to the point what kyle is still there matter of fact he closes at a proper a farm export in turn one just done yet he's down to the bottom three title kevin harvick he is indeed right behind the rear spoiler of the race leader kevin harvick so you've got back straightaway denny hamlin midway off why run on barrier brings it to a stock with no harm done any have one solo spin the exit of caution at the start finish line caution flag number four on the afternoon involving denny hamlin over there in front of you dave great afternoon for the toyota team on hispanic somewhere between seven and fifteen for most of the day whilst the handle coming off turn to may have been some contact he was raising some other cars but just walked it down after the span came to a stop on the pave runoff area he is back underway and he was running in the ninth position wouldn't he spun coming off her number two that's going to slow the field down to a speed of fifty five with kevin harvick at.

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