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L twenty-five one DT compact tractor becomes the easy to use implements. You need get the twenty five a one DT for as low as one thirty nine a month with zero percent financing for eighty four months plus a six year warranty now through June thirtieth twenty nineteen us or go to Kubota USA dot com. Gulf Coast rector, conveniently located and land lakes plan city Gulf Coast tractor dot com. The third period of tonight's lightning. Game is presented by Florida cancer specialists, and research institutes were hope is powered by science. Here's Dave Michigan. Just the eighteenth side this year the Red Wings to take a lead into the third period. Is this the seventeenth time? The lightning looked at a deficit going into the third period. But one of those times for both these teams wise game in here. Lanier were down by goal, and it became a two-goal deficit in the third and they rallied to tie it. And eventually won the suit out a third period. Vacillates back in the nets who are left to me Howard. We'll be the net to our right? Frans Nielsen Tyler Johnson at center. Three one Red Wings after two. Interesting shift out there too. It's Tyler Johnson. Andre pilot in Matthew Joseph to start with the lightning. John Cooper's put his lines in a blender. Started late in the second continuing. We started the third Johnston. Mcdonagh to Joseph Senate God's love circle got checked by Frans Nielsen at broke the playoff and split by Bannon to center ice jams it forwards Edina brought the blind Vanik right circle is blocked by mcdonagh. Waddell counter maybe three onto again, a plus side at center profitable on three on three..

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