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Are young lovers the songs once or does a combination news bullet in the history lesson and any names entertainment researcher are going chocker with the university bristol says there are parallels though not exact in western culture remember the triple toes performance who were traveling and they would perform historic me themed i also love all of traditions so it was with then they seniors and and i have you know that they both most of and there's some after originally from von province in se turkey david you haven't done much energy and he's you in a most of a says his they may song about hockey even road one about the deadly earthquake to hit the city in twenty eleven the music collar just robert regal came to record this performance his fascination as with a vocal techniques especially variations in ten amber that's basically the color of the tone separate from its pitch one of the unique things about this style of music is at the center sustains one pitch and then does some melody of amber so he changes the bowels into a sequence of like four or five different tone colors i know i'm not medal out of the hall it is suns joerger also has a strong division race different from his father's just wants tradition largely died down in the twentieth century modern communications made such a retelling impractical they were also turkish laws bending the public use of the curtis mind reaction in a more than thirty year conflict between the military encourage militants parents on against courage and they're tradition then in twenty twelve a little breathing room government open reconciliation thomas and how suiting days opened in the city you d arbiter but fighting resume nine twenty.

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