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A new warning that foreign hackers are targeting US political campaigns and companies that work for them. Microsoft reports the same Russian military intelligence outfit fancy bear that attacked the Democrats in 2016 has tried similar insurance institute is roughed. This year's election efforts reflect a broader increase in targeting US political campaigns and related groups with Chinese and Iranian state actors. Also up to no good, Microsoft says most of the hacking attempts Were halted by their security software and the target's notified the company would not comment on who may have been successfully hacked or the impact. Microsoft did not assess which foreign adversary posed a greater threat to the integrity of the November presidential election. But the consensus among cyber security experts is that it's Russia. Tomur Gotti, Fox. New attorneys for four former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd's death will be in a Minneapolis courtroom Friday, asking that each of them get separate trials. Prosecutors want all four officers tried together because the charges and the evidence similar Floyd died on Memorial Day after Officer Derrick Show Vin Preston e into his neck for several minutes. The Justice Department's charging dozens of people with defrauding the paycheck protection program. I think it's a sanitary general Brian Rabbit announced the arrest of 57 suspects in a crackdown on fraud related to the program created to help small businesses stay afloat during the Corona virus pandemic. We've brought charges in no fewer In 19 separate judicial district across the United States. The alleged swindlers tried to make off with more than $175 million, and prosecutors say some of them tried to launder money. Rabbit says the Justice Department has been able to freeze to recover around $30 million Rachel Sutherland. Fox is at the U. S. Tennis Open. Serena Williams bid for a record tying 24th Grand Slam title ends in a loss to Victoria Azarenka from Belarus..

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