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You know, I'm easy. So you know whatever the case we can just hang is totally fun for just let me know. And. Yeah. How was your cigarette Brian? It was meaty delicious, juicy reductive and sperry's. Fabulous. You know, I have to wonder what it's like. When someone let you shave your mustache off, we have someone in the house who can talk about that too. Now we're gonna go back to the regular show, Tim bus Nazi about what it's like to be forced to keep your mustache. I'm up in. That's interesting. He can. He said its grounds food to vote. Can cut, you must pay not be smo- ever. Be smooth again. Can never been. Because it was like it was almost like a goof really were started dude that that worked in this butcher shop that was like right by my house is like a fancy come Marlowe daughters like a fancy kind of the quivalent of, I don't know something you'd have in Los feel or some fan. Sure. Yeah. RT's second are teasing butcher shop this cool. Mustache is nice, dude. I wonder if I could pull it off at the time was with my ex who's a singer had a really nasty break up before the end of the break-up was kinda right before the end. I came out to Los Angeles to work on this album for this artist DJ Colette and yeah, it was staying with her and in our guest better came down one morning and saw this really pretty girl. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And. I started to make an omelet because this morning, this is your move. This is not just for myself and asked if she wanted, and she's like, oh, is a straight guy talking about a rogue LA. Yeah, we talked a little bit. I certainly thought you super tractive. She's very much my shirt type. Yeah, she's funny and Susan, really sassy. Yeah. Which is does it for me personally. Sure. Yeah. Like star, Alec strong sassy, same area and then nothing. 'cause I had a girlfriend went home to really terrible break-up. Yeah, m. i. grandma died and I lost my job. Oh, wow. And super depress and went through this really shitty period and then yeah. And then d started Florida with me on Facebook. Quite an impression that she's, she's like, took some photo just watching on the street. That's dumb hat on. And she was like young. You know, if you know that. It was weird character, very bold. It's bowl this fuss. However, in certain categories because he, no, there was if you know my wife, you know, there's no way I'll go up to her and like at a bar or d- d doesn't have that look on her face like, come talk to me. Yeah, I was already, you're already talking to her. She's like, if you're not one of my case. For me, that's my wife in. So I was kind of like scared her from the beginning still am. And then and then, yeah. Did you have a moustache at that time? Right that time it was a just dash. Now what's that just dash is when you have a beard and then you shave everything off except for your mustache shirts, just dash. I Gotcha. Now I've got a must, and no offense does what you got. Listen, I just started growing. I know. So it's just that. Yeah, but then within time you'll get you get like the long straight ones? Yeah, it just takes time. It's just takes time. This is only a two weeks. Sure. But weeks took time to sure. It's like a fine brew trade picture from a week ago in the difference between babies but to a to a young creeper. That's right. That's right. That photo I showed you granted with the aid of the blue filter, the cruising filters. I like to call it. There you go like looked pretty proper. Given the Patino vibes. Thank you. Thank you. So yes. So you know, I, it's been ten years and so you had the mustache, the Justice when you I had? I had the just dash when I'm Gotcha. She liked it and she's like her dad had a beard and mustache for a long period of time, and she always thought the men look more like men with facial hair shirt, big, Tom sellers, Burt Reynolds fan. I guess she was just like, yeah, like facial hair. I don't like men with chafe as Larry personal. Interesting. So I was like, okay. All right..

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