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Only had seven professional fights under his belt when he got into the ring with Ali, the ST Louis native was also outweighed by Ali by more than £25. That's correspondent Bernie Bennett. A snowstorm and strong winds pounded northern and western Germany early today, forcing trains to cancel trips and leading to hundreds of road accidents. Police say at least 28 people were injured on the icy roads. The German weather service is urging people to stay home and authorities brought homeless people in the warm shelters. I'm in sub zero temperatures. He was an analysis a town hall that calm Standout quarterback heads the class of 2021 in the pro Football Hall of Fame. The doors of the pro football Hall of Fame of swung open toe welcome the class of 2021, earning their gold jacket this year or quarterback Peyton Manning wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Drew Pearson. Defensive backs Charles Woodson and John Lynch guard Allen Fan Icka coach and quarterback Tom Flores and scouted journalist Bill Nunn, Manning, Woodson and Johnson were elected in their first year is a finalist. The class of 2021 will join the class of 2020 in separate ceremonies during induction week, and Canton, Ohio, later this summer. I'm Tommy Kins. This. Sunday, February the seventh pencil famous people are having a birthday, including off their gate Police 89 years old today, former Senator Herb Kohl D was counseled Democrat parents 86 country singer Garth Brooks has 59 candles on his cake. More on these stories of town hall that calm 2021 is already off to a disturbing start For conservatives. We've seen Twitter unilaterally shut down President Trump's account, the conservative platform parlor was booted off the Apple Store by Apple and Big Tech is muzzling free speech at a speed that nobody could have predicted. Nobody except biologist and evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein, who appeared in the film no safe spaces to issue this warning about political correctness running amok, YouTube and Google, Facebook and Twitter dictate whose voices can Be heard. And if those entities start trying to engineer the conversation to adhere to the.

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