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Support for up first and the following message come from the showtime documentary series the circus political insiders john heilmann alex wagner and mark mckinnon take you beyond the headlines of the wildest political show on earth watch the circus sundays only on showtime live from npr news washington on giles snyder china's among those welcoming north korea's stated intention to halt nuclear and missile testing npr's anthony kuhn reports from beijing the announcement comes just days before a summit of north and south korean leaders foreign ministry spokesman liu cong says pyongyang decision will help in the quest for a political solution to the north korean nuclear issue he also welcomes pyongyang stated intention to shift its focus to economic development north korea's apparent change of courses led to a thon ties with china after seven years of tensions over the nuclear issue japan is more cautious prime ministers prime minister shinzo abe's dress vigilance in remarks he made in tokyo today on twitter president trump said the announcement shows progress is being made another potential victory for syrian president bush rl assad there's been no comment from rebels but syrian state tv is reporting today on the withdrawal of rebel fighters from the three towns northeast of damascus state tv says several buses are carrying the rebels end their families to opposition held territory northern syria president trump again raising questions about the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election npr's windsor johnston reports as comments latest series of tweets about former fbi director james komi on twitter last night president trump accused komi up leaking classified documents to the media in order to generate a special council investigation he also questioned whether the special counsel was based on an illegal act tweeting quote does everybody know what that means the president's latest tweet raises new speculation about him possibly firing special counsel robert muller trump has repeatedly slammed the probe as a witch hunt on thursday he tweeted newly released memos written by komi clearly show there was no collusion with russia in two thousand sixteen.

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