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Have achilles injury he's coming back it's almost like after the first round pick nice a day have odd douglas of of the kit from west virginia who poise got good light six two uh so they're stockpile with like yang it helped at corners to look for them to make him up a trade at some point soon a volley some of their quarterback i might be the way that you built all you were talking a second ago about them building a bad defensive line you know brainard been at this offseason to you get a guy decent pass rush nominees superstar corners back there you just need guys who were solid enough and who can hold up a little bit so wall to me that's it's it's so much is a book and that's with jim schwarz's schemes about right which scheme is why he runs who like a bit of a wide dining passing downs because basically youth still what let me get to the edge of the quarterback off the ads in and let's see we can do it really proves effective last year smart way to build and i know the eagles are possibly the the worst a salary cap position of any team in the league at this point are they not yet it with one reason why the michael bennett move was made is that vinnie curry is to a 10milliondollar uh ball so he's gonna get moved who carries out because really carries out i love it he yeah but but michael bennett to upgrade so yeah for sure her to get michael bennett and get cap relief so that that's a big deal also got some other fat to trim tori smith was really a a cat move the comeback so we took the gets through their view ready to go because uh i saw carson in carson is uh looks pretty good with a backlash to the hours sean jeffrey uh situation about his injury and they ceim to an extension and apparently he may have hidden it from them before they gave him the extension or is there any and anyone else that out there now i am looking all they care about is they they wanted to super bowl rice alshara will never have to pay for bill eddie by that team will never have the paper i reveal any may plays too.

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