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Q u i n t e in quentin and i was like a wait a minute i'm a little confused shannon it looks like quite the pro style quarterback that they've got their act thirty setback in opoku through the ball right that has right where through his reasoning took that help it off it up like oh wait a minute that that's that's quentin from burn texas that's that's that's that's that's him like right there although she edited did appear that he got his beards shaved up with the rest of the clintons bruce sharp air yeah there are five doubt that up pittsburgh suspended a linebacker name quinton were genesis i dunno i pronounce it w irg i in i s and and i'll i hit at last name looks a little a common limit google it up shannon to why quinn's in same weekend to why quinn's and they're by the way i said a tweet about it said apparently quinton has been gentrified and then the reporter who had that story because they do get suspended said well he got suspended so maybe it has it and i'm like osce dago taking shelter for all come on the go signal to fatah ego day gobert up white quitting is in effect we are white quinton we also uh shannon had a um a is a depot of life zakir a lotta i saw that i was watching to give me it is you state and also the describes named was dibo i'm my what i we just call it a depot geoff colvin of devote rarely.

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