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Doses of a drug designed to battle Cove it in high risk patients. And will this be on your Christmas list? It's aversion off to Metallica monopoly, the band says. It's inspired their name it inspired by their time on the road. Those stories and more coming up in five o'clock with Cathy Walker on K away news radio. Knows no love back my score, so we will fight my fight Fight. Can't help it. Sorry. I know Alicia did your condition and stand up this time and scare the living hell out of me. Let's go to our high line and bring in. Uh, why are we saying What's this? It's not ready. Oh, sorry. I thought Coach Barnett was ready to go. Oh, he's not ready. Apparently not Okay, but we can. We can finish this. Now He's ready like hotline and bring in former head coach Gary Barnett. He's still coach Barnett to us. He will be on the call of the game. He'll be doing the color job with Mark Johnson. Kickoff tomorrow, five o'clock in Arizona for your see you buffaloes and coach as always. We appreciate you joining us here on K away. How are you? Oh, I'm fine. Good to be with you guys looking forward to a game again. So Coach. You know, we just had a great conversation about the commission. The Knight Commission moving college football away from The NCWO. I personally think it's a good idea, because then maybe we could get more control over how the games will be handled, and we can have some uniformity over how college football is handled. What do you think about a separate entity rolling in and trying Tomo just make everything A level playing field. Well, uh, First of all, I I think it's evolved to that. The other thing is that you're never gonna level the playing field because each school is always gonna have Rights. They're gonna have it. Mission rights. They're gonna have budget rights. They're gonna have all that sort of stuff. So the playing field in gonna get levels But you do need is Are you need someone? That makes decisions for for college football who who understands that gets it? And, um, you know, once the TV packages all went to the conferences than in the N C double a really lost a lot of control, So it's it's evolving, and it's probably the right thing to do their rules. Maybe that That college football doesn't need to follow, or there's rules that they need to make that everybody else doesn't need to follow. And I think we've gotten to the point where That's probably the way it should be. Coach. Let me ask you this because one of the things you just mentioned there is you should have is our somebody who is in charge and you know, one of the things we're looking at is a three anos EU buffs team right now. Who's not even being talked about is far as a contender for for a national championship. Because you don't know is necessarily how many games are gonna be played. The Pac 12 started later than everybody else, and that is one of those things that would have been more controlled instead of well this league started then, and then this leak started in another time in the package. What some leeks aren't playing it all spring? It's It's like it is. It is a hot mess. Now looking at it that way. Does that put an ass trick next to the season? If you are one of those teams that got a later start that place in the Pac 12? Well, I don't think there's any question everybody's gonna know 2020 is a heck of a lot different and it is gonna be an aspirin, but The same time. You know, a czar in college football. We're not override. I would not have the power to override local health commissions. Uh, community health departments that that would not have made any difference in this whole thing? Um, I think you've got to just throw this year and just look at it is completely different. And and wait until hopefully next year or years. After a year after that, where things were pretty normal, and then things are different, But you know, this year, you know, there's There's no way of three and old busted. I mean, you guys origin form. I'm arguing against some three. No buff team playing can meet, gonna play four games. Maybe this year gonna be in the playoffs against teams that played 11 or 12. Can't substantiate that or support that. So you know you watch last week's game. They're lucky to be three. You know, So they got a lot of they got a couple games. You gotta play before you can really brag about What? I want to ask you this. Um you know, we've been an attention to conference players of the year and land men has certainly been outstanding. Can you explain us? What kind of athlete we're looking at at the linebacker position there? Well, l you know as a defensive guy yourself, Landman. Lamb, and when I saw him play the sophomore and started saw him starting to play a little bit of a Zafran Sherman. You know, he's a walk on I said everybody. There's two guys on that football team that I think are once in a lifetime kind of players. One of his Landman and the other was shown all on I I I stand beside behind both of those things. I mean, all the years. I coach. I don't think I've seen a better receiver. Then should not wa Slovenska. And I'm not sure I've seen a better linebacker with leadership and everything else that goes with it. And you know that I was around a lot of good players when you were playing and when I was coaching there as well, So this guy's just he's got it. He's got a got a knack for boys got suddenness. You know, he's got great anticipation. He's um He's a student of the game. He's a He's a leader. He's you know what he reminds me a lot of with more athletic abilities. Is Pat Fist general because he just has it And you don't find it very often. But he's got it, Coach. Obviously the Buster heading down the Arizona to take on the Wildcats, who are the Buster own three. The Wildcats are the Buster three. You know, the Wildcats are Oh, in three. But this isn't a team that Colorado should take lightly. Well, nobody. You could never do that. And, you know, I always put myself in a position of the coach. That's owing three in this case. And you know you're close. You know, you got players, you know, you know, you know you're ready to break out. You've had some bad breaks. You lost your quarterback. You know those guys. They're working their Fannies off to get that first win. And, um, you know, when you look at their defense and house years we're gonna.

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