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That could make it home from diabetes prevention to safety around water the wife fills the gaps in bridges device, but they can't do it without us support your local wind today because we're there's why there's enough. The way for a better us. KOA newsradio. And I heart radio station. KOA NewsRadio time is three thirty. I'm Susan Witkin, Kelsey Berith Spion say Patrick Swayze was in court in cripple creek this afternoon. He's charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with her death. The prosecutor says Frasier and his attorneys are now being given access to the arrest affidavit and communication with law enforcement. We determined that the leads that they had already pursued between Monday and today as well as the past couple of weeks, they were confident that it wasn't going to be any issues for Patrick Frasier himself to see the affidavit he affidavit is still being sealed to the public. Barrett has not been seen since thanksgiving. Her body has never been found. The preliminary hearings been postponed until February nineteenth top lawmakers from both parties met with the president about ending the partial government shutdown and funding the border wall, president says he would consider circumventing congress for border wall funding, we could call a national emergency and build it very quickly. And it's another way of doing it. But. If we can do it through a negotiated process. We're giving that a shot and Democrats wants to reopen the government and then negotiate funding for the wall. The president says the group will meet over the weekend to figure out what to do about the border Wall Street. Posting big gains for the day with the Dow up seven hundred forty seven points, the S and P five hundred gaining eight eighty four the NASDAQ up to seventy five it's the groundwork to start the central I seventy project I seventy will be closed between Brighton and Colorado boulevards starting at ten tonight easing this Bo tests as a way to help confirm our approach to how we manage construction and interrupted by cdot station. Seller says the closure will continue.

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