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Years chase Headley runner in scoring position for the race for the first time all game this fastball at the knees strike one called read the sixth with two outs back to back strikeouts for let's go with ten or more strikeouts it's number ninety six on the way he added Mrs with the fastball in this in maybe the third time through just a little different approach Friday's win would be next Hadley who is all for one with a walk and a strikeout use the patch Headley takes in the dirt and Alan kicks away from Posey grabs it out of the dirt throws to third and it's a little bit late analog line anyway the answers on the Wildcats the you could you see these last two dashes by everything he is the sole wants to get it out four is pictured on the basis yep that's true the pitch down yeah you're exactly right this guy out there tonight once again is fighting eight nothing giants June one day Headley the deaths at Lee takes on islands in the third a curveball missus these kind of abandon that curveball and these on screen one the stuff looks different in the six even though he has two more strikeouts three in one good hitter switch hitter batting left handed the pitch on the way Headley takes low ball for the second walk in three could prompt a visit from Dave Righetti he's gonna come out hello this is nothing more than a little bit of a pep talk but it's to give him a breather you're ninety nine pitches in yeah but a lot of him you got ten strikeouts then maybe as a pitching coach you have to remind the the guy out there that during this time in the game yeah it could be the message they're conferencing United at the top it's about what our task all mortgage because the game is well I'm big on the home run the renewable the home runs are cast as quick conference Canseco mortgage call of the game.

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