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It puts his job at risk president trump has been known to demote or even remove inspectors general whose work he doesn't like Nathan Hager Bloomberg a great deal the trump administration is preparing a nearly trillion dollar infrastructure proposal as it does try to push the economy back to life a preliminary version puts most of the money toward traditional infrastructure like bridges and roads but reserve some of that money for five G. wireless infrastructure and rural broadband the White House is expected to make an announcement on this on Thursday economic data pointing to a recovery as more communities start to re open post pandemic still there are concerns over a second wave of coronavirus infections the rate of infection in the U. S. overall is slowed but daily cases in Arizona jumped two point eight percent infections in Florida have gone up more than two percent in Texas said its fourth consecutive record for hospitalizations as U. S. retail sales jumped in may by seventeen point seven percent states allowing more businesses to re open that never blows well forecasts and is much higher than any forecasts from economists surveyed by Bloomberg global news twenty four hours a day on air and on QuickTake by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries live anymore as this is Bloomberg Tom Paul in March thank you so much we appreciate that really strong retail sales this morning we're seeing that reflected the equity futures here today with the S. and P. up about two point seven percent Dow up three point four percent that's eight hundred sixty three points on the Dallas puts it at about twenty six thousand five hundred and.

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