President Trump, South Carolina, Japan discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


One appears to be a scud very and so it shorterrange it flew about two hundred eighty miles for japan south korean president moon has called a meeting of his national security council and bloomberg seoul bureau chief peter pacers this makes it definitely harder for him to operate twoway wants to make very difficult for the new president to follow through on his campaign pledge to have more south carolina correct where it but more conciliatory approach career meanwhile japan's chief cabinet secretary service saying the project may have fallen in the exclusive economic zone he calls it an extreme problem now and analysis of the g seven summit as it comes in the only unanimous area of agreement is centered around this very thing north korea japan's prime minister abu says the agreement was for still further enhancements of things like sanctions can show how could he says at the summit we agreed that north korea must abandon all nuclear and missile bland lately it was a clear agreement the g seven leaders in order to do so we agree that we have to repair to enhance measures including sanctions and since the conclusion of the g seven german chancellor merckel has given her strongest indication yet that europe and the us trump administration have drifted apart and then john he says we must know we have to fight for our own future faldo europeans for our own fate that's what i'd like to do together with you talk in the europe meanwhile on his return you as president trump has lashed out at the media as fake news he's been on twitter several times after wrapping up that trap he was the only leader in the group by the way of seven who declined to face the media british airways computer systems are back up again they still have a number of people at heathrow and gatwick looking for flights they say by a later in the day or tomorrow they will have all of their long distance flights up and they do issued the apology on behalf of everyone every fairways i want apologize for the fact that you have to go through these very trying experiences and to thank you for your patience and for your understanding the supreme court in india has poised to rule on.

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