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Small dot com. That's the fits way. I'm Jo Conway wtlv traffic, Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 for Mike. All right. Let's bring in storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford for the latest on this winter storm. Mike right now on storm team fall right are watching a band of snow from Rockfield through Sweden and silver Spring across the district approaching the buoy area on route 50 of the South, where all the way down the Chesapeake Beach in Maryland. And this is heavy enough to put down another code against stones to do wash out for some slick spots here. Much of I 95 from the Beltway south with the Fredericksburg seem any rain. There's some sleeping here, too, and we're getting reports of rain and some moderate sleet across portions of southern Maryland in this area do watch out for some slick roadways. What is told mornings continue for the rest of the afternoon snow from the district northward across the southern suburbs, Messy mix of rain, freezing rain and sleep eventually changed over to mainly rain. Later tonight, some lights that were stuff Laurie's door. I like wintry mix across the metro area. Light rain south of much. There is going to fall below freezing overnight and things will re freeze and rose have become quite slippery blows the twenties to lower thirties. Policy is light stone. What do you exchange your Some snow showers in the afternoon could be an additional accumulation of snow mainly over the northern suburbs as a very blood pressure goes up the eastern seaboard. Good turn rather windy, too. Has been a little bit thirties. Blustery and cold on Tuesdays took a piece of snow showers, especially before new highs on Tuesday. I'll be in the mid to upper thirties credit reporting 32 degrees right now with some light snow. We've got light rain around the Fredericksburg area. 34 degrees staff reporting sleep 33 right now, Mike, we have a temperature of 32 of light. Stella Reagan National. Thank you, Mike. It's for 12, the W T. O P and now on to some storm related. School closures. Students in Fairfax County Public schools will have virtual learning on Monday, and we'll follow their regular schedule, extracurricular activities or canceled middle school and after school programs. Professional learning recreation.

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