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So I'm texting my chiropractor. And I'm like, what can we do? He says, you know, have cried you this muscle this stomach thing. Where like I put my hand on my on your stomach. I use my other hand I push like really quickly to like your lower back. And then I release. I don't know what it's called. So I I was willing to let Croix obviously, try anything to help me feel better. Well, when cry did that instead of it, which I hate when Dr Mucci does it to me, I'm always like holding his hand and preventing him. I'm doing it. But this time, I'm wide open. Go ahead. Croix croix. Did it like somebody punched? I almost threw up. I almost he punched me in the stomach. You didn't do this trick that militia dead? I mean, I did I just some longer. I guess I don't know. I did not. No, you have no idea what you're having idea. 'cause I he does it to me every week absolute hell, so he was pulling my hips out. He was I was laying on this lady's floor concrete floor. I it was it was so YouTube is YouTube ING, I was taking more Advil. And I had anti-inflammatories are. I'm sorry muscle relaxer than I took with me. Thank god. I took that that's shit. Didn't work long story short. I'm miserable. We're going to go back to the hotel cancelled all of my stuff, no dinners. No, nothing. I get back to the hotel, and I post on my Instagram. Please you guys I need a chiropractor in Los Angeles. Now a little back story on Dr Maliki archive practice. He's traveled to the Netherlands to learn. Off he's way beyond. Yes. He does the falcons, but he's way beyond a true chiropractor. He's kept my twins in me longer. I feel like he's also brought down my blood pressure. He's he's a justed fixes. My head are out of place knows is not contacting with my brain. When your brain's not working. He taps on it often. Anyway, he's adjusted the baby since they were born Cain, especially because he was born breach. So anyways, he's like a miracle worker, and I'm fully aware that not a lot of people are late Mulugeta. Right. So the big difference just is is most chiropractors make they don't make a ton of money. Right. So the model in Cairo to school is is fifteen minutes in and out. Right. So they look at you. They pop the normal bones. And they send you out the door. Muluzi and minimum spins our with each client that just goes to show you how intensive his adjustments are teach X energy. He can check just a lot of different things too. Really get your body aligned, and he has multiple different movements and multiple different adjustments for each certain area. So that the body at the end or is a whole versus kind of popping hand popping there and sending you on your way, and I'm very much a train wreck from I went to the wind chill that eighteen like, I've told you guys in the past. And so my cranial bones are unstable my hips from having so many children are unstable. So if Mucci to adjust like my atlas, for example, and he doesn't adjust my job. I would have a horrible migraine the following. He just knows me too. And he's just there anyways. I post need a chiropractor. My friend says oh, great. We have a chiropractor. She works with the LA. Rams. I'm like great Senator to my room, right, please center to my room. She's so sweet so kind she comes to member about three hours later. Now, I know that when I have this type of injury that I cannot lay face down. Because basically the way that Malusis explained it to me, and what happens is that my tailbone is pushed forward, and so it needs to be pushed basically back out and. That's what he does. When he does that little quick movement through the stomach to the back of my side bomb, laying on my back. Well, she tells me the land my stomach and mind to at this point. You are Ryan really far gone like. If you're talking about a scale that progressed through the day you start at a one by the time it got back to the hotel. You were at about a frigging six maybe seven by the time. She shows up you're literally at like twelve like your way far gone miserable..

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