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You and let me tell you there were times where you know. I'll tell you a tell you what kept me alive with my kids. Knowing knowing the pain that I suffered and knowing the pain I would leave to my two children. Had I taken my life and that is an I got into major Drinking so you know. I couldn't say that I was an alcoholic but yet when I looked today I'm like wow that was bad and people say you know. My book has hit with a beautiful outfit on the beach with a bottle of shampoo. A but what I can tell. People is that with any addiction. It controls new So I've learned a power of knowing how to control things. I continue to transform my body at this age. And you know I mean anything I put my mind to. I do know that I can do it. And it's just yeah have that willpower and I am but I want what I what I am not. I'm sharing that because I want people to know that we can all achieve any level of success. Meaning emotionally mentally spiritually physically. If we just take the time to practice on a daily basis it doesn't happen overnight. I haven't morning teen every single day every single day and I get up. It's the gym. I meditate I just started a new meditation in December. That's another life changing experience that I'm having and you know I pray and I write in a grateful journal And I tell people people say I don't have time you know what like twenty four hours in a day? Find the time to take half an hour for yourself. It will g your life and what I saw my life falls apart. I went through my depression. It was because I got to comfortable after ten years of doing it that I saw in my life starting to fall apart again. I can appreciate that. I can reshape that right. And that makes absolute sense because you home to discipline muscle that was not only empowering and uplifting for you but it was part of the healing journey it was part of the recipe for what you needed to continuously due to stay on the straight and narrow so that you didn't go down the rabbit hole again Right so let me ask you this Laura so because you also wear the hot Israel turn and you know you're interfacing with people all the time and we know got you know. People who are uncoupling divorcing with or without children were fifty percent of the demographic so although professionally. You wouldn't be going around necessarily disclosing to a woman. Who Do who had disclosed to you. I'm looking for a smaller home. Me and my partner have You know we've uncoupled. We've divorced whatever the case may be your field of resonance would be so penetrable for people who could relate to you even without the Three d communication but I really believe that energy attracts energy. And people can intuitively pick up on other people's experiences have women who have utilized you as their realtor who perhaps have parallels in their story for why. They're needing you to help them. Find a house either as a result of domestic abuse or or whatever. The case may be have you been. Have you found yourself in that? Krier hat of so. Yeah it's it's funny you at you say that and asked that so. I have to identities I Have Laura B. Lock the realtor and I have Laura Amylase. The author and speaker and motivator. I do not talk about my story when I'm when I'm working real estate right on. But if we with social media now somehow they seem to because I have two two facebook accounts to instagram accounts. And so they end up finding somehow seize on the Laura Appalachian. I'm like I'll another clients adding dislike. I just go on a great. 'cause I just don't know how people I've I haven't put myself that way out there with my business. I don't know how people relate or react to that young but I just recently sold a house to a young couple from Toronto moving to the Hamilton area and they were referral from a friend of mine back in the eighties. Because I've been in the business since the eighties and I started in Toronto. So those connections are still there for me and obviously they knew about my story and my book though. He says she's Kinda creeped you out on on on. But I find no problem when I went to give them their client gift. It's the first time I've ever or maybe not the first time but only two others that have asked for it but have known that I actually gave them my book and you know. She was super excited to receive my book into two that she was going to read it. So I don't mix that as of yet I haven't Really figured out if that bad well you know I. I've always been one who airs on the side of whatever platform that's available to you and I mean I my areas more prudently just solely media so whether it's speaking whether it be my own books blogs radio podcasting you know so it all makes sense because I think the people who are the most vulnerable. The people who can really comfortably bravely put themselves out there therefore being living breathing talking example of allowing other people to have the permission in which to do the same for whatever it is. They're going through or healing from or bouncing back from but I can understand. I can appreciate when you wear those two distinctly different hats and not everybody who's in the market for a realtor or a house comes with those set of circumstances where it would be seemingly appropriate right so I get that but we also know that a good portion of people who are looking for houses with children particularly if they're single moms we know statistically based it's because they're fleeing domestic violence or they've they've encountered some level of violence or some type of life altering circumstance Where they had to exit that home or that marriage or that relationship so in some respects I could see it being a good synergistic fat but I guess you're kind of you would have to Susilo taking cue from your your client from the realtor standpoint in order to know how to navigate that right right like. I mean I do a lot of I tried to get out there and get involved in the community and stuff so I'm Alan tear now for the halted women's shelter which is amazing because You know like for for my mom. There wasn't such thing right especially for ultra even if there was there was no such thing so it. I'm really proud to be part of that association today. They're doing and I'm hoping that I know I've I've been invited to talk I was on one of the. Tv shows that one of the girls has growing up in an abusive home. And you know as I said before my passion is to inspire people that you don't need the there's no no one should live. I can't believe that it's twenty twenty. Were still hearing about abuse to women and children whether it's physical or sexual it. Just I don't get it and I got a B. A voice for those people for the women that are going through that and for them to know that you're you'll be okay. Just have to get the right help and you know do what you need to do. When I left my husband I left him with nine hundred dollars in the bank. That's all I had. He closed the account I left with just you know. They say the man leaves with the clothes on his back. I left with just the bare minimum that I needed to leave that House. I walked out. I had no job I was twenty nine years old. Had No job. I had nine hundred dollars. I had nowhere to go and you know I myself having to go to welfare which I thought to myself. I'm not gonNA feel bad or embarrassed about this because he's not giving me anything and I have to feed myself and I have been my only. It took me two months. I left them in November. So I thought you know what I'm not gonNA look for a job December as WHO's going to hire in December but I'll tell you I hit the hit the pavement in January and I got myself to part time job eventually. I ended up getting a full time job as a manager at a business center. And you know so my life started to change and it was really.

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