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On the corner where you get what you need. Now, Sophia is the big modern capital, but my favorite city in Bulgaria really is plovdiv. Yuri tell us about this is amazing. It's amazing. Yeah. It's developed tremendously. Its culture is just it's got a lot of Ottoman architecture. It has a lot of balconies and sort of a Turkish elegance. Raman architecture as well, lots of Roman Reigns. Every day there is something happening in blood. Right in the main square there's a big pedestrian boulevard and then you look under it, there's a little park and you see Roman ruins. Mosaics, as well, recently they uncovered the large basilica of plenty with some of the most spectacular Roman mosaics that we have. So the two great cities to see in Bulgaria would be Sofia and plovdiv. Yes. Back in communist times, you couldn't travel very far you didn't have a lot of money. I think everybody went to the Black Sea coast. Varna was is just this is communism. We all vacation the same way. We're all equal varna. Today you can go anywhere in the world for your beach vacation, would somebody still choose to go to the Black Sea coast? Oh, actually, if you come to Bulgaria and especially in the summer, you see beautiful beaches, no rocks there, it's pure sand for miles and miles and a lot of people not only Bulgarians, but people from all around Europe and Russia still come there. So if you're going on a vacation in Bulgaria to the Black Sea, Bulgaria faces the Black Sea, where would you go? Well, still many people go to the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but if you're clever traveler, you'll go to the northern one, better beaches, not over crowded, much more affordable. And that would be just next to Romania, right? On the Black Sea guest. It will be to the north from varna and to the south from the border with Romania. This is travel Rick Steves. We're talking with Stefan boja Jeff, an eerie boy an Ian we're talking about Bulgaria with two guides from Sofia, our phone number 8 7 7 three three three 7 four two 5 and you can email us at radio at.

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