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With them all the time i'm on the show i'm a professor chemistry eight you seattle this is allowed which specializes and being able to collect electricity hold onto it so that it's available on rainy day in this of course one of the really great challenges in the field of both chemistry and of course ninja nearing now there were a bunch of different types of electrical and she storage such is using electricity to pump or to high into a talent than you have to get fall down through a tough behind when unique that amateurs steve back i don't come across philly wales originally developed a formula one cause that stew energy in an almost fortune the spinning weirdo that these kinds of electrical storage will be past least near source that develops the power where's get off would rather have power on and at his height which means we're going to look at one particular talk a technology to release the reason their cole batteries his because some of the earliest right you made using calling us and if you take coins of different times silver coins and cover coins and you put a little bit of felt noise and felt in between what you find is that if you take a weiner off the top and the bottom of the stack and that's jacquies cold apply oh and then if you take a series of these piles you make a battery because you have all these devices acting together if you touch that against your time you feel of shock an interesting with the first person whoever did this on the sound of all time was absolutely astonished because he could get he's time to twitch when he connected these two up you know the words he could generate electricity from chemistry so three contains chemicals that store energy and then when the batteries connected to a so kids that is chemicals we act when he seemed that terms in making an matchup energy about trees today still work along these lines but the ten knowledge in his evolved there's been a continuous attempts to come up with it ever better and more stable that so much of chemistry.

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