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But you know, I saw Joseph there was sometimes when Eric was going to take him down when he nice bite on that neck, and listen, if he would have secured one of these things what's up we got Macy Barbara little earlier. Oh, she on the phone now. All right. That's awesome. Mazey you there. Yeah. I am. What's up Macy bomber? You would Matt Serra and Jamie English. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you? I can't complain Macy. What first of all congratulations on your fight? That was awesome. Thank you, so much felt awesome. Now, the one thing I was just saying before before you called in here to to my buddy, Jamie is how comfortable you looked not only in the octagon. But on your way to the octagon how your nerves nerves always been so good. Yeah. They actually have which is kind of a little weird to me. I sometimes, you know, I'll be sitting there that we could have fine. I'll be like, why am I not nervous? You know? Why am I not could sometimes it'll feel like I'm not even fighting until like the the day of or the? Yeah. The day of and I'm like why why do I feel like this isn't happening? Like, I let them nerves come the weeks before finally like, but but then again like when they come. I just I just know that I need to train a little bit harder. You know, because you shouldn't have nerves and you shouldn't be nervous. If you're you're giving everything you have, you know, that's that's first of all it's an excellent outlook. I mean, I've been in the locker room with many warriors that would that don't shed his philosophy or else that is not as as. Cool as a cucumber as you were. I mean, I've been what guys that you would never you would never know it, even George Saint Pierre. And is the one of the things that that stuck with me Macy when I was on the the ultimate fighter. They'd bring him back before you were born, but it was really tough four. And I remember George saint-pierre was talking to rain to tour, and we were we were all sitting around talking if the practice, and he was saying he was asking Randy about the nerves, you know. And Randy was reading was given an answer pretty much the way your give an answer. Like, no, I'm pretty good. You know, Georgia was a very honest guy was going in the locker room. I'm always like why can't I have a regular job? Why do this? And then he walks out the tunnel. Once he gets out there. He says it leaves him and he's good and he's happy snarling..

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