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I read on the internet speaking in the hills pres- Hilton is reporting that Brody Jenner was fired from the hills. I didn't hear that. Until I read that. I saw a wo does that mean he wouldn't keep filming or I don't understand. That's crazy. I think you want to the story. I read said he wanted more money and MTV in the production company said, no. And he said, well, then I'm not filming more. And they said pub, I think was the post pretty funny ten and I'm sure his girlfriend is upset. I know she wanted to be all over the show. Yeah. Well, that is some hill scoop. That's for sure Peru. As were all, you can listen reservoir gas ob-, high caste one if you don't already. Yeah. I feel like presents getting all the scoop. He also says something I don't want to repeat because you have to watch the show to see. But all my gosh. It was about me shut. We won't go any further you need to to see that yet. Some scoop ri- drop right on Cameron's. Oh, okay. Yeah. So the hills is getting saucy. It's nice. See more than I anticipated. Yeah. And we have a ways to go. So it's going to be very interesting. How everything unfolds? Oh, yeah. People are going to start falling in different sides and lionesses and things and it's going to be very interesting. How comes together? But what else do we have fun planned? So yeah, we're going to work out tomorrow. I am. I don't know. If you are. I I we have this new thing where we bring Gunnar to the gym and Spencer, it's to watch him while I work out, and then I leave and then Spencer works out after so we don't do for three hours. It's. It's just I love a out in Jimmy's. But we've had a lot of fine wine nights, Spencer, Neier wine. Connoisseurs wine tasting every night for good Napa CR before is we would get mostly California wines. So we have just unlocked a new level of Somali a world because now we get a talion wines. We get French wines. We get Spanish wines. Somebody said we need to get. I guess we drink New Zealand the Y. Yeah. But we need to get some Chilean. I love all line. And I'm no longer drinking tequila, I've I have eliminated it from my list of things I do daddy was in full effect last night. But that's why I don't drink to kill. There's just no way to pace it because you don't know how keep ordering skinny Margaritas but over four hours of like a dinner meeting. It doesn't feel like they'll hit right when I got in bed. Really hit hit like free trade. Bye. Thank you love spending..

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