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Work, of course, earned her an EMMY awards six Golden Globe nominations. She was an icon featured hairstyle. Of course, that's feathered hairstyle. It was literally of cultural phenomenon. it really truly was everyone was trying to do it she was featured wearing a tight red bathing suit that swimsuit in the nineteen seventy-two pinup poster so nearly twelve million copies it's up poster man She married, the six million dollar man Lee majors, and seventy three. They got divorced. And we heard talking about cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer, no six. God bless her faira faucet. Cow. Also. Breaking traffic and weather on news ninety three point one. K. F. B. K. under subpoena former special counsel robert muller will testify july seventeenth before joint and open meeting of the house judiciary and intelligence committees on his russia report things have changed because now robert muller is a private citizen he no longer works for the justice department so well what our sources are telling us is that he's likely talking with the justice department about how forthcoming he can be robert muller is essentially speaking as a citizen he is not under the same constraints that he was under before when he was still with the justice department a._b._c.'s mary bruce there are no details but the u._s. military says to service members have been killed in afghanistan the statement says the killings occurred a day after secretary of state mike pompeo made a quick visit to the afghan capital kabul the federal government is investigating price-fixing charges against the country's biggest poultry companies maple.

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