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We <hes> are back to two shows a week. Tuesday and friday. Make sure to Check out each episode post about. Tell your friends help us get word out that realm podcast is back to two shows a week also make sure to head over to relevant dot com. Check out the newest issue of the magazine. The fall digital issue is out. Now we've got some incredible conversations with jessica chastain jennifer hudson heels on young and free in the neo actor francis collins list goes on and on levi. Lesko there's so many people in the issue go check it out now in many thanks to you. Hsm for their support. Also make sure to follow relevant on facebook twitter instagram. To keep up with. What's new and you know to give us. Feedback submit. Questions for upcoming episodes or feedback for upcoming episodes. We wanna hear from you. Sorta falls on all the socials. And yeah just just just just follow because we have some stuff coming up that you're gonna to be part of Kristen many things for joining us today. <hes> anything you wanna to plug before we wrap it up. Yeah we're revamping selfie podcast and if you guys want to catch it it is now two therapists Giving advice for all of your random mental health questions fantastic. Tackle rods physical ill. It's as well or just mean. Listen we haven't talked about mommy's yet. And i feel really bad and i want to formally apologize to jesse because you're not accepting community because you know it's an important topic that we haven't talked about yet jesse. I'm going to do better. I'm gonna do better. Please do episode. Yeah that's that's the the bare minimum. But thank you for me. I talk about quite a bit cameron. Strang jesse gary updated minor. I'm kristen howard and we will see you on.

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