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With us. We're going to take calls this half hour and all of next hour for you here on coast to coast as we talk about geo engineering and what you have heard, but share your stories with us What might be happening in your community? How many jets do you think are involved A GN at any given time with the chemical trail sprays. If we look at the equation mathematically David Keith again the world's most recognized, you endear stating a goal of 20 million tons annually that would equate to perhaps 6800 Bankers, military takers. Dispersing 60 to 70 tons per day. 24 7 365 days a year. Now we know we have a different equation that because we have commercial aircraft involved as well, We're not implicating commercial pilots, not implicating commercial personnel. These systems are automated. We know that their planes are being used because again we have photographs of the nozzles mattered on the pylons drained into the engine exhaust, and we have quite tracker from the ground. We could monitor these planes. We have the month film spring turning on and off, So they're being used also. So we're talking about An unimaginable amount of materials. George This is a climate engineering Manhattan project, the tick tack toe patterns that we see in the sky. What are they? Many people see the exes and another grid type patterns, and we can speculate on some of that. But it appears at least in the case of some of the excess that appear that may be a way for them to more easily tracked the movement of air currents from satellite imagery. So again, we can speculate about that. But the fact that these are not condensation trails their particular trails. It's indisputable if we look at all the data testing film footage, photographs of nozzles patents Government documents, etcetera, etcetera. This is absolutely going on whose pain for this, the taxpayer. No, I think if we know about the financial system, George we know that the central bankers can and do print whatever they want. So when the Pentagon is missing Officially $8.5 trillion since the late nineties. They can't find it. How do you lose that much salary, So the bottom line is so long as we have the petro dollars A dollar is a Global reserve currency, which is why I think we can safely say that Saudi Arabia was not on the list of travel bans because if they stop using the petro dollars that would be into the road for the empire. So we have a very complex scenario. But the central bankers the Petro dollar, the dollar being the Gold Reserve currency. That's what's allowed the U. S empire to expand a level it has And this is something people need to understand and realized that the 107 100 something bases abroad that, um in the 150 plus countries. This is not about freedom and democracy. It's about.

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