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God, there's there's two different minority fighters and each one is as offensive as the next and. Now that I'm scrolling up. I. Don't remember seeing a monitor in there, but correct me if I'm wrong, I heard one areas three. I'm looking at it right now. And I don't know how the eighties were but I'm pretty sure far rogue part one existed others on. He doesn't have a monitor he has its the. Pump, if the pumped for the blood transfusion, but he did not, he did not lose enough blood to need a blood transfusion. He had all cut on his four. Yeah, and also if he did lose that much blood, they need to go and find that one because if you if you suffer that much internal bleeding like in his head or whatever they need to go find out blood and stop it from leaving where it shouldn't be okay. They need to find it entirely do finding what on the mats of cleaning up or at least spreading it around. Spreading around then they find the gold teeth have to steal it to then put it in cycle mouth. What I thought watching this like many years out probably ten years from the last time I watched it was I would like to watch a movie about the referee. See What Daily life. It's. Another day the blood, sport. I. One of my favorite moments was when the referee came into the ring and Franks dukes started protecting him for not because he wasn't he threatened when he grabs grabs the referees D. and like recognizes that it's not be opponent because he's got close on. That's another thing that my friends and I have imitated sense we were ten to twelve years. You, you had such finely honed tactile sense that you could recognize those I think there was a time where we could have done a shot for shot remake of this without consulting anything. Except for Franks. But. That does bring it to like I. Mean since we're jumping to the end, what do you think about the mystery dust that was blown into France is so to sort of a sand when it could be anything any any like any tablet whatever something that's powder but this was pointed out to me is like. Vandamme is great at showing surprise, but he's not great at acting like a human. You get something in your eyes. What's the one thing you don't do? It's open them up as wide as possible. Steer around at everything you're wearing. Clamp. Your eyes shut as hard as you can because you're trying to tear it out of there. So yes, looking around wide eyed like a deer in headlights is the most nonsense. I mean it's a great movie think but also that is totally inaccurate if you ever got. If you get sand in your eyes, you're on holding your eyes open that Shit is closed as tight as possible now. Spokane wide. Open. This is one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty eight. This is a movie with John Claude Van Damme. And Frank Dukes. But what if it? Okay. Then that fight would have been much more exciting..

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