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Red conservative hell Republican and giving the same message and those decisions about her own buddy. But not just to the nineteen seventy three supreme court decision. Rovers? Wait. I I like how he resets what Roe v. Wade is in the Dayton everything. Almost like he's talking to a whole bunch of idiots, but the lives of your losing day in this shutdown those family, planning in my state, Texas, you made it so hard for women any kind of health care L. So that's not true. I mean, that's just not true. Let's be very clear this week very clear about this. If there's ever any instance of a clinic that is closing down over any sort of law or any lack of funding as it relates to abortion services. Then they're choosing to do that unless we're talking about a provider that only only handles abortion because you very clearly can say, okay, you know, what for the sake of the female patients in our community while we don't want to stop providing services having to do with abortion. We will stop it here. So that we can at least remain open. As the state legislature figures this out as the lawyers and the pro-abortion groups figure this out in a legal sense trying to go after the Trump administration. They had a big win in the city of Yakima with a federal judge today or yesterday afternoon. Okay. So it's not like there's no option. So let's be clear when he's talking about it in this way. He's giving a different a different reality. Because the reality is you can choose to operate without having any services related to abortion. If they choose not to do that, they're taking a political stand. Right. It's a political stand. I understand because they do not believe that it should be so difficult to get an abortion. Okay. But let's be clear they can simply stop providing those services while staying while staying open so that people can come and visit them. Illegal safe, you have access. Let's again, not complete access to abortion with subsidized abortion, which is a conflict. That happens a lot. You have a right in this country to get an abortion you do. You do not have a right for taxpayers to fund you do not or.

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