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100 or visit us at metro man's health dot com. It's 18 traffic and weather together on the dates on the B T. O P Here is written McClure will. The volume is solid now on the outer rim of the capital Beltway from Route 29 all the way up to the scene of the crash their Connecticut Avenue that happened last hour at one point All outer loop. Planes were shut down near Connecticut Avenue. But crews are making progress. Now with the clean up with at least two left lanes. Getting your by expect rubbernecking delays on the inter loop from atleast route. 3 55 crash clean up out of the Capital Beltway near Connecticut Avenue underway Maryland. I 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway, both Rolling nicely through Prince Georges and Howard County's route 50. No problems there through Cheverly bullied Annapolis and across the Bay Bridge. Good on both the East and West sign. No issues reported three Lands west into Lane's east Over in Virginia, 66 expect some delays eastbound through Fairfax, in Oakton, with crash was cleared from the right side near route 1 23 We have a lane shift your construction zone after 1 23. And now we just got word of a crash reported east found near Nutley Street. All nearby police are on the way. No lane given yet, but we're checking 3 95. No problems there. I 95 Virginia side still have the crash South bound before Lord Had two left lanes blocked at one point Now we're down to a single left lane blocked de Ces modernized. Martin Luther King Memorial Library reopens September 24th. With limited services. Find out or a DC library dot org's Rick McClure. W T o P traffic. Let's get your storm team for four day forecasters NBC for Samara, Theodore. Good evening. Good evening. It has really been a great weekend and we're going to get more of the same tomorrow. Really very similar.

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