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I go over to your house i would like a one man performance dirty dancing from you brady big fan big fan i'm sorry i'm sorry i can't remember it i feel really bad in this moment but dr how he's a man who's who says he's wrong apparently romi says he's okay he makes a room assumption about johnny castle all through the film and at the end he something happens that made him realize he was wrong and he says to him this is the guy he's like cool tting his daughter right and he comes up to him and says i know it wasn't you go penny in trouble is that the one with barbara streisand no thirty dancing patrick swayze is johnny castle maybe you're thinking of jennifer gray yeah that's thinking of she's great yeah she's she's kind of like a barbra streisand type sort i have could be a lot yeah i don't think that was an outrageous confusion there it was no totally disagree barbra streisand's like icon ick though jennifer grace no i completely like i was like oh is that the one with emma stone and know that would that would be outrageous i think infusing jennifer gray and barbra streisand is totally totally understand i think thinking that by streisand is in daddy dancing is ridiculous they're the same genre of woman when they're younger i think no i think this is totally if this is like bryce dallas howard in jennifer's champlain that's what this is here that's what i'm doing if royalty and jennifer grey's like royalty just because they look like it's like i don't care about these people's lives outside of the movies they only exist in the movies you separate the art from the artist right so it's like jennifer gray yeah she was she was in first buehler's day off and thirty dancing dancing what does fred astaire no that is also totally unreasonable brady no i stand by confusion of barbara streisand with jennifer gray one hundred percent that is reasonable similar shake noses basically yeah until jennifer greg got her nose job right and then her whole movie career died right so my standby brady i think they are confused people in their younger one percent i'm not confusing them today on confusing them then whenever that was the eighty i remain amused by the of and being daddy dancing but anyway because this has been a very very roundabout way for me to talk about apple e palled oh where we're going everybody wants to say your pods but you have to try to remember air pods but the obviously should be called ear pods i always want to say eah buds and the pods like nobody thinks air pods nobody thinks when you them gray and showed me the picture and asked me what our member oh yeah we yeah we facetime with that remember what i was i said but i wasn't like a fan of them they looked weird yeah and some days ago gray as like an impulse purchase and i have to say i'm delighted by them so the great aren't thing it's like air in by the light it's like they're not they're like some sort of pod made of air is that what it is and they fallout it's like magic i'm hitting the trump pretty hard at the move yeah so i'm spending a lot more time in the gym and i'm starting to run again so i wanted some appropriate head fines and i went and checked at all the options and i almost got these sort of bates ones at the apple store and although he wasn't supposed to guy basically talked me out of and said you know get the pulse beats ones the little magnetic blank beats connect got those their garbage they're terrible that guy did you a favor i'm amazed how will they stay in it was so funny my wife was in hysterics in the shop because he got me a sample pet and dry on and i was shaking my head and holding myself upside down and almost doing a head stand doing everything.

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