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The one thing, you know, Dak has some limitations Dak is never afraid to go over the top like a lot of quarterbacks. Plant safe Dak likes to throw it deep. Well, is kind of a reflection of Scotland a hand maybe limiting that a little bit. I think my dad Cooper's going in the huddle and gone to Dak like, hey, let's I mean, no one else is seeing that they're they're covering these athletes. They keep calling for us. So maybe we just changed up here a little bit. I don't think schematically joy. This is the best offense in the league. I think sh. Chicago does more with less. I think that point you're making is true. But I also think it's cool that Daqing Amari new product there on the state. There's no resentment there on this. I just like guys communicating. Well, huge win. Anyway, they're five and one in six games that they've had him Ari. And they told a hold a two-game division lead over Philadelphia in Washington now, so. Worth as first I pick. Oh, yeah. Feels good today that worked out. All right. So. Puna? Great morning hall on seven seconds left and dolphins patriots game yesterday and Miami had sixty nine yards from the end zone. Looked like a for sure pets win and then a miracle happened in Hardrock stadium Ryan tannehill passes. Kenny stills at midfield stills, plus the lateral. Devante Parker who lateral to running back. Kenyan drake. An Drake was often running towards the end zone. Just missed gronk right at the end there, and it has been dubbed the Miami miracle if it's truly that important just yet, but man on Miami side. Anyway, they got the thirty four thirty three victory. Here is Drake on the Miami miracle. I'm not as I'm still listen for y'all, and I still don't believe in. So I just saw it was brought in front of me. And I was just like look I thought it'd be so I had to get an is. Patriots in December in Miami. Are a problem their foreign sixteen all time in Miami. And December is that. Right. Yes. They do. They don't do the winning there. And this is the fifth loss in in Miami. And the Pat to Miami in the past six seasons in December dates in it's weird to the had some defensive guys not available. It's just I I'm kind of beyond explaining it's just their spot. They struggled. I guess, you know, there's always a place where teams play well team now. Now Miami's had a reputation for years in baseball that the last game of baseball series. Always take the home team in Miami over the road team because guys party there last night in Miami. I don't know if it's the partying or if it's the weather humidity. I was in Miami on Friday night, the weather wasn't that crazy. It's not like it was the exhaust. Ing like sweat bath. That you're you're used to thinking of when you're in the tropics, but this is an important game. Then route two games behind Kansas City in the race for him feel. Yeah. And it's only three games left in the season, obviously. And that's important for the patriots. Because then England hasn't won an AFC title game on the road since two thousand four and their own three in away games in the NFL's final four in the years since chiefs up at the chargers on Thursday in the Seahawks and the raiders and the patriots have the Steelers are obviously had gone at their own situation and the bills and the patriots so important game for them to lose. And finally the Lakers have Ari landed one veteran from Phoenix this season, and it could be targeting a second now. So that reportedly interested in trading for Trevor Aretha. Yeah. Who is potentially a perfect fit for this team, and pointing toward it would be a three team trade that would involve contagious caldwell-pope. But as no can me made official until December fifteen this is actually this is actually brilliant because. Pope doesn't fit the Lakers and he's expensive. A reason a veteran player who LeBron likes and can hit a three and his contract runs out..

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