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Massing mandates forced them to cover up god and no. I am not exaggerating. How dumb it is from the soup. Quote a mask shields our humanity at because god created us in his image. We are masking that image and quote. Yeah here's the thing. I was in michigan recently. And i am not welcome at that wendy's anymore without clothing and religious issue. I mentioned god's image during not help. It actually escalated the moment. Anything i was in that wendy's lotta of people were screaming. Oh my god. They have no exciting obviously religious so her i love that you said anymore as though up until then you were okay. So yeah this case comes to us from a catholic. Elementary school called the resurrection school of that name is probably a reference to jesus but given their commitment to unsafe conditions. I'm not going to bet on their filed. A suit against the michigan department of health and human services last october claiming that mask forced them to cover up that you know self portrait that god carved into their head. They also ask them make it harder to socialize and they sincerely believe in socializing too to make sure that that kaunda's religion they added. I swear i am not making this shit up. Quote our existence as relational beings point to the holy trinity. And so in a way. Eighty can't immediately tell who's asking the barrier crayons how the health and the ghost. Jesus be the same guy. Even get it michigan. I also tell people apart by their chin. Clissold walks them from socializing until like they're trying to talk and they're just like you can't read the body language at the corners of the mouth very important and look generally speaking this type of shit doesn't rise to the level of lead story. A judge already denied a preliminary injunction in this case. And there's little chance that the court is going to find any different but even if they get it right this is a phenomenal exemplar of just how stupid the shit that are coarser adjudicating necessarily becomes as soon as we introduce the concept of sincerely held religious beliefs into our jurisprudence yup because sincerely held religious beliefs are pretty much depth. Initially buck and dumb like i mean look at some sincerely held religious beliefs. Are things like be kinda others and don't kill people but those kind of believes already have protection and law. Yup if you have had to resort to depending your belief by saying they sincerely held religious want that's because it was too dumb for any other belief categories were required by law to take seriously it should fit into basic ethics. And you had to go outside of that. Yes all the good ethics were taken so this.

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