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When i learned that despite eating healthy as possible we can still have undernourished brains frustrated. I also live in a farming community so i'm aware that our food isn't grown as well as we need learning about neuro reserves relevant and how it's formulated to fix this problem. Convince me to give them a try now. I know many of you are skeptical. As was i however i know it's working because of one simple change. My sweet tooth is gone. I didn't expect that and it's not something other users have commented on. Here's some truth. My brain always wanted something sweet now. Fruit usually did the trick but not always one bad night's sleep would fire at my sugar cravings so much they were almost impossible to ignore. Ever have your brain screaming for a donut. Well for me. Those days are gone. It's been about six months since i started taking the supplement and i have no regrets. I believe in my results. So much that i'm passing on my fifteen percent discount to you. Try it for two or three months and see if you have a miraculous sweet tooth cure or maybe just better focus and clarity. It's definitely worth a try. Their link is in the show notes. Can you prevent dementia or are we doomed to fate. The answer to both of those questions is no while there is no certain protocol to follow that will guarantee we'll avoid dementia. There are many things we can and should be doing while. I'm sure most of you are aware of the lifestyle choices. That may make a difference. There are other equally important steps to take with our medical professionals understanding what tests should be run. What questions we should be asking are all important steps in eighteen wealth when combined with improved lifestyle choices. We'll be doing our brains and bodies a true healthy service back with us today after a short hiatus is our favorite geriatrician. Tuition dr mucci. She's been busy working on producing a masterclass for healthcare professionals to she can.

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