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So that was that was it a game in the book the giants now we got to see they can recovery going road and do something against the bear maybe you know. Make that early success, stand up and go against the bears of lease. One. Inch straight I everybody is this morning. All the show we're talking that is for defense is about as good defenses or is right now I mean it's right up there. I'd have to put it in with the San Francisco maybe. The Defensive Backfield, but they're avenue really tough. They were they played amazing last night and they played great all year last year I mean they were Ben. Rothlisberger was hurt early in the season they had to turn to Mason Rudolph. Me Got hurt they had to go to Um duckie. The rookie free agent and they still finished eight, and if the playoffs format was like it was this year, they would've made the playoffs. So yeah, their defense is great and You know their back end isn't as good as their front end, but they still have minkah fitzpatrick back there. They've got Joe Haden. WHO's one has been one of the best corners in the game and you know I like Nelson to I think he played a really good game last night and you know the backup corner Cam Sutton had couple of plays to I. Think he had an intercept one of those interceptions so You gotTA. Give credit to Mike Tomlin and the way that he's got that defense rolling man I mean they they are great defense and they played really well last night. I. Love My coach emulate you said. thinking. About, defensive backfield. Get. Your I seventy get pressure on quarterback and eliminate running back I mean it makes your job so much easier. You know bad. So that's what do you think? Okay. Your boys in Tennessee twin out fangio maybe made a bonehead a call music timeouts at the end of the game. Awesome. But what was your thoughts on Tennessee last night. Well I. I like the way they played I. Mean it was pretty much what we expected. They you know there's a heavy dose of my boy Derrick Henry You know he carried the ball thirty one times in the first game and they.

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