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Third voice stadium the stripers and the PawSox or nothing. Nice double-play turn by Janssen Whitman Brock Holt, seeing his first action in the field of this rehab is silent making that play with these at second base. Come to bat against Patrick Weigel third was sit down the side in order walk last inning to seem Travis. But that was a race to end the inning after Josh Octavian lines, right back to them into a double play. So it's seventy nine for production here in the third Ortiz Hernandez, Janssen, witty and Jake romance ski but Jim looks like we're going to have a little bit of a delay here. Alex Jackson has a issue at the webbing of his glove. I think there might have been full of one of the dots. Wasn't fully tied. So he's going back to the dugout to get a new mid. Veep backups. You have catches. Thank you have maybe three ceiling. It takes for the catcher, actually come back out. And now here he is trust back out from the dugout. And if you're the PawSox Gibb, you hope that double play turned to the top of the ending is able to kinda get Stankiewicz propelled, the right direction. Sixty four pitches through three certainly could be better. So digging in for the right side is Gorky Hernandez against atoll. Right hander pitch swung on popped up back behind us for strike one. We mentioned in the pre game show. Gorky Hernandez snapped at for eighteen skid with a pinch hit single in the ninth inning last night. And he pinch hit for Brock bowl. One offering swinging a chopper down to third fielded on the forehand by Lopez and his throw on the run is in time. Will read and as I out of the third inning as you and I talked about on the post game show yesterday at felt like the poss were down larger than they were yesterday. And they were able to bring the tying runs not only to the play put on bass. Thanks Gorky for that. Hit in the ninth inning. Both bullpens was splendid yesterday. Out. Here's Janssen Woody. Weigel as the fastball doubted on the outside black for strike one. When he comes in hitting twenty five with one lone home run that came in the ball game last night, as twelve RBI's. Why goal sets steps kicks and fires. Swing foul back to the backstop for strike, too. The home run for Woody traveled four hundred fourteen feet into the bleachers in right center field. Johnson had a good series down equipmet last week. And he was six for twelve. He's off to a good start in this series here at McCoy. The oh to pitch from Weigel is off the plate away. Ball one. Janson hitting even four hundred over his last ten games, fourteen thirty five with the home run. Seven runs knocked in these walked six times. Why goal gets his signed from Jackson. His set and is one to pitch. A breaking ball lying down the right field line and hooking foul. Allowed strike off the bat, a witty, and he'll have to come back to the box for another one to pitch. Yeah, no doubt. And you just outlined, it, they're not only kind of digging deeper into abilities recently of witty. But some of those at bats yesterday is able to work a walk. He's able to force the pitch count to escalate a little bit. The opposition has had a bad at that. A lot of pitches last night. Another one to swing a mistake. Three. That's a good off speed pitch from Weigel that drifted down in catch up to it. And that's his first strikeout of the night. We also talked about this yesterday to the prowess, depth of this Braves organization. I mean this is a guy that. Fag -nificant breaking ball. Strong fastball. Shona pension to be able to spot it as well. There's a lot to like the near future for praise fans to down. Here's shake romance sqi goes after the first pitch and it's bouncing ball down to third gloves by Lopez, and he will throw in plenty. Get the PawSox catcher final out of the inning. It's another one two three frame for Weigel. And we head to the fourth with striper stripers leading.

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