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Hera do we have it is i think we do i think so and feel strong powerful hurt you have feel energized look i'm like one of those cross country skiers who is completely gas laura one season in view of the finish line i asked to find that extra something inside of the get over it that's what other like that's what that's me her leg it at the boston marathon when you're going up heartbreak hill you like this is it and then you see those b c students hammered 'cause they get the day off the boston marathon and you're like i gotta run pass these wack jobs quick to end the marathon highlighted that these examples better okay and years as longer still going on it's a nine thirty 37 time for a final what's happening for the week alley take it away well some changes for the upcoming back girl movie after just wedin has left as writer and director of the film saying quote it was such an exciting project it took me months to realize i really didn't have a story oh so warner brothers looking to keep developing the movie but no director and no casting i appreciate his honesty because most filmmakers just go ahead make the movie anyway well you can appreciate the honesty but i say to warner brothers you've got him as the writer in director with nothing that's who he gave the shot to like really you didn't maybe ask around like hey you got some ideas that sounds great you gave the man that had shabwa when you when you give it to jj abrams yes but i'm talking about just we'd no just which i'm sorry you're well when you give it to him as well i think i would i mean he's got a track record but his alley points out if he has nothing i bet there are a lot of young people out there who wouldn't ordinarily get that shot they could they could knock it out of the parse navy at lady jane's a second free throw the fact that danielle it's knives adding act chris tucker says he will be back with jackie chan jackie chan jackie chan for a fourth rushhour movie i've had so much caffey giraud you guys i am sorry a fourth rushhour movie he was on the espn podcast the.

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