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Didn't. I didn't know i didn't well. How did it feel in that. Two thousand nineteen season to arrive at every race knowing that you had a chance of winning or at least a podium that bottom was not really my head's awareness winning winning only winning. But i knew we had pushing. Etf winning every races of methodist was obviously extremely strong. And probably a stronger than as. That's yeah but i. I knew that there was probably an opportunity to win any anyway so it was good. I mean it felt amazing. I mean ferrari first opportunities to win. it was very exciting. Did the success almost come to quickly not willing to quickly nervous. Who quickly leads. You appreciate it how hard it is to get to that point at the time knowing what you know now after twenty twenty and the difficult start that you had in twenty one years came quickly but i think is different ones. You live because you can see every steps you have done in your career. How they've paid off just feels a lot slower. Once you live so from the outside it might seem very quick and obviously looking back. It is very quick because in my second year design with ferrari and fighting for wins. And this is incredible. It was an incredible opportunity but on the other hand wants you live at once. You leave your career. I know so how much work i've done before. That encountering in single seater than in my first year of formula one is not always been easy. And there's also been very difficult moments but Yeah once lit you. You feel while you see two looks lower. It's interesting now. Let's talk about the two victories that year in very different circumstances i'm sort it sort of reminds you of a bad moment but of course that whole small weekend was such a rollercoaster for everybody. Let alone you with. Antoine's death in informally sell. The car wins prayed. He's what he saw when you look back at that whole can now. Would you think it's very difficult very very difficult. Because on one hand. I've lost a friend with which i've raced in karting. I can remember my first ever important traits which was a frenchman. Sheep onto one hundred. One we were we were with esteban and yes obviously on the saturday. It was a big shock once. We've all learned that has passed away and this is probably the image that all keep from this weekend. I didn't enjoy as much as i shall. Have these first win for that reason. Obviously yeah it was just a very strange weaken on one hand. Just like i've when i've lost my father in baku in formula too. I think it's always nice to just prove yourself that you can perform in those very difficult moments. The main point that. I take out of this weekend's he's just a the pain that i hide inside me as a person to to lose a friend into a father. When did you mourn the loss of your friend. Because you can't have had time with that weekend and then of course monza the following weekend did it take a while to sort of i think the week after was the the funerals and these kind of made me realize the whole thing because once you are in the heat of the moment we the racing also. Obviously you realized that you've lost a friend but on the other hand you i was trying at my best to try and think about my race to try and because i still was starting the sunday import position for race and i still had to go and try to win it so i hope to be on it so it was very difficult to preparation until the sunday and try to stay to stay focused. But i'll say the funeral. Then i i kind of accepted The loss and and try to not to forget it. I hate to say forgets but to try and and keep it in my mind but in a in a more positive way how did his staff and of course you'll be hanky before him. Change your attitude to the sport. It never really changed for me. How come. I don't know. I can't explain racing is my passion is my life. It's always been my life. I'm i'm doing that since i am Since i am three and a half years old so since i'm very very young i probably didn't know when i was three and a half years old days was century. Sports probably realized it. At be later but i knew he touched one point. Four centuries spoiled things cooled. Happen by things could happen. Obviously speaking about jewish. I've realized it thinks it and of juice but for me it was. I mean every time i'm putting my helmets milem. No other things in life can bring me such a smile for me. The relationship with the sports this is. I'm happy whenever i put a helmet. I know that there's danger but on the other hand it's what makes me happy. So they are. They are no questions for me. Let's talk munzer full house. Mad to foresee cheering you on pressure lewis hamilton.

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