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Off the job just after being put on the tracks a problem with one of the doors state health officials say a fourth person has died after coming down with the triple a virus documents from a secret whistleblowers complained about president trump's handling of Ukraine could be made public as soon as today red Sox are rolling now that they're out of it ten three winners last night socks and Rangers one more time afternoon baseball coming up in Texas later today now the governor Charlie Baker has banned the thing in Massachusetts it's up to local cities and towns to carry out the orders sold when the big band was announced governor Baker in the math department of public health said local boards of health and law enforcement would enforce it and a result director Thomas car bony says the town is working on figuring that out I suspect that that was the end over board of health will be adopting the band as a local regulation that will that allow us to to connect it with the the retail sales permit if we have somebody who doesn't want to comply they may end up losing their cigarette sales. this is the end over alone there's north Andover and Weymouth in Wellfleet in Worcester and Springfield internal borough well you get the idea in Andover Karen regal WBZ Boston's news radio meantime vape stores in Connecticut yesterday saw business booming corresponded Mike Massaro checked it out a hundred yards away from the Massachusetts state line there's a vase store in Enfield Connecticut several others within minutes of where I'm standing in throughout the course of the day we monitored the parking lot and saw several cars with Massachusetts license plates with customers going in and outside of these vape shops now there's been lots of people crossing over the border to get their supplies governor Lamar is considering what action to take when you van all vaping products were that leaves more people to the black market for these even more dangerous I wanted a little more research on this is still early also similar reports coming out of New Hampshire where big businesses are also said to be doing quite well five eighteen now more than two dozen Medford police officers have been disciplined for a violation of department policy status around a quarter of the staff for the entire police department of Bedford chief Jack Buckley says an investigation that began in June recently finalized the officers now face punishment ranging from written reprimands to suspensions it's not known if any of them will face criminal charges. it's of Mexican students abducted in the town of Iguala are demanding justice five years after their disappearance forty three missing students have come to symbolize Mexico's horrific battle with drug gangs and corrupt politicians and they still haven't been found. the appearance took to the streets as Mexico's current president has called for a new investigation the previous administration considered the case solved but fifty three of the one hundred and forty two suspects charged have been freed due to irregularities Adrian barred CBS news Mexico City in upstate New York to white middle school students face charges after reportedly beating a ten year old African American girl and then subjecting her to racist taunts the bus monitor in the town of Coober door also charged with endangering the welfare of a child for not intervening of governor Andrew Cuomo has asked the state division of human rights to investigate this incident a heating appliance malfunction leads to an evacuation yesterday at the Dawson elementary school in Holden no one heard as smoking high carbon monoxide levels were contained and then vented out of the boiler room class will be back in session this morning five nineteen and the beautiful star to Boston here on a Thursday morning a.

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