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Itself bothered me but when it came down to what he said and they talked about the Washington Post columnist. David Ignatius, very, is saying the the, actual meeting itself in. The subject of, the, meeting was very positive and actually optimistic up until that point working in Syria working about the troll outwit after. That. Russia is the full provider in Europe There was. A lot, of, substantive is. Actually good if could could leave because it was it, was this stuff with him supposedly citing rush over the intelligence committee I mean our community I mean it's it's like you. Said you're currently kind of at you know in battle with these people so I don't know. That. There's a lot of warm long well we got we got a hearing with FBI agents that are under suspicion of a coup for crying out loud and, he's supposed to be cozy cozy with the FBI folks I don't think so Right I think that that one point and then the other point that I it over and over again is that that he did not criticize. Putin I, mean this is one thing we actually really know about Trump is that when he ever whenever he's trying to get something from Sunday in there is this is about trying to get something from. Russia the same thing with, China you want something from, them whether it was the case of, China you, know working on North Korea that's no matter despicable things that they that you believe that they do or that they do in fact submit do not criticize them to their face no matter how I know that the media likes the drama that makes them feel. Good there's, some there's some high temperature drama around, it but this I really over and over again that she didn't say something and I, thought, okay, well I came away from that from that Senate feeling a little bit, uncomfortable but that did not bother me at. All I don't think it's a bad bay just because the president doesn't directly insult publicly to his. Face, well let me tell you, this, Chris the lizard over Has come up with his Twenty-one most disturbing lines some of them are. Comical that, they're disturbing but this this one struck, me this is what Chris cillizza is upset that Trump said yesterday and I'm quoting Trump, Trump, says, I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace then to, risk piece in pursuit of politics and that. Upset Chris Eliza and I'm gonna have Obama it said it's a give them another Nobel peace prize. Oh, I mean your first mistake, of, going to crystallize Well let me tell you something. Let me tell you something else Eddie I think you'll find this interesting because. I was I was I saw this yesterday there was a woman. Who does she reads body language and her because this goes back to, what you're talking about you think. Something's not quite right here's what she, said the, DEA was she said. If you thought that his meeting with Theresa. May was, chilly this meeting was stone cold iced. Over that those two can't stand each other, and maybe, that's what he's doing. He's nervous in a situation where you know he could sort of fake it I think he actually like Kim Jong UN on a personal level I. Think when he met Putin according to her, with the body language he just. Couldn't stand the guy and so he's. Sitting there trying to you know he's trying to smile, he's which would come across as something nervous you know he's just trying to force a smile he's trying to force them things to say he's going this guy's. Bad news I want to get out of here that. That, was her take on it from the body language Interesting point I can see. Perspective, on and I think that it is it is true that gives up all of. These physical signals that he really. Does seem like a jerk and someone that you would never approach unless you had. To and I think that could. Very well be that. Trump just was. Uncomfortable being, honest deliberately tried to make you feel uncomfortable with Trump whole. Method in any any journalist no matter how. Much they Trump they will be. When you around him on one. On one basis or even if you're just talking to him on the phone..

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