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On the magic mechanic radio show I'm Kevin rate was filling in for Chris Crawford here on W. D. V. 0173 FM and am 5 80 Magic mechanic himself. Larry Perry is going to be answering all your car questions. You have car questions he has car answers. Call into the show right now, 84458 Oh, wdbo again, That is 844580 Wdbo, just like the radio station without further ado. Here's Larry Perry. Yeah. You know what? Before we start taking your calls again here, I'm going to tell her I want I want to tell a quick story. Uh and and you know, any base listen to the program knows that If we've got to replace an engineer a transmission in a vehicle if we can get it from Jasper, we're going to do our best. To install a Jasper engine or transmission in your vehicle. If the time ever comes that you need it. Well, you know, they got $100 a mile nationwide warranty. Uh, they pay labor. If you have a problem. I mean, it's just a good deal, not only for the shop, but for the consumer, you know, I mean, it's a real warranty. You get a lot of value for your money, and they really stand behind him. Well, we have these these customers. They brought this truck into us. I don't know. It's been quite a while back. I mean, this thing has went on forever. They've driven through some water and, um, it run the engine. It was a dodge with a hammy motor in it. And the insurance company. Come out finally. And, uh Wrote everything up and we told him said, You know, we'd like to put a Jasper engine back in it. They wouldn't hear of it. You know, they were ongoing by Jasper Motor, You know too much money. So they sent us a used engine. And we will go ahead and we installed the motor for the customer, and, uh, insurance company pays us to do the job, and the customer takes the vehicle and drives it for just two weeks. And the engine just for some reason or other blows a head gasket. And literally just fills the engine for corn. So this this motor this used engine is Ron. And the salvage yard doesn't want to make good on it for the insurance company. So we're sitting there like Well what? What can we do? You know? So, uh, finally, insurance guy, I guess that you know the the insured, uh, aggravated them to the point where they sent the adjusters back out. So the adjusters come back out, and they look at it, and they say Okay, well, they didn't take our word for it. They actually sent it to the dealer and let the dealer check it and say, Yeah, it's just got a bad head gasket wasn't anything anybody dead as far as installation goes. So they're like, OK, so this time they decided to step up and they decided to put in a remanufactured engine. Not a Jasper, but they sent us a complete remanufactured engine that we just got through installing in this truck. And guess what? It's got a rod knocking him over. Yeah, I'm sitting here and I'm like it's almost gotten to the point where it's hilarious watching somebody try to save a nickel. You know and what the torment and the aggravation and the extra cost that they wind up putting their self through over trying to save a nickel. I'm sitting there going it is just, you know, first time around. We told him put a Jasper at it. You know, then 57 Hemi Motors. They get the devil beat out of them, And by the time they wind up in a salvage yard, all the goods probably just about gone out of him anyway. You know, it's hard to save You'll ever get a good one or not, especially if it hasn't Adams oil in the engine. So you know they're going to send you something like that. And of course. What do you expect, you know, and then a salvage yard won't even stand behind it. I'm like, goodness gracious, who in the world wants to get yourself into them? Luckily for these people, I mean, they've done without their vehicle forever, And they're still going to be without it For a while. It looks like But the bottom line is, if you yourself are going to be replacing an engine or a transmission, you do not want to put yourself in a predicament like this. I am just telling you don't don't be as dumb as The Lizard insurance company because I'm telling you that that's just you're going to wind up driving yourself crazy when it comes to an engine or transmission. Spend that little extra money that warranty. Oh, my goodness. It's well worth it for 100,000 Mile. Don't don't ever Don't ever unless your brothers and an engine or transmission builder and you can trust them. 100% explicitly don't take a chance on the used or take a chance on somebody else's remand motor because you're probably going to wind up regretting it. All right, let's head out to. I wish you'd make a screen a little bigger. I'm getting old. I'm wearing glasses. So it's kind of hard for me to read this. No, we're going to Winter Springs. But other than that, I'm gonna be honest with you. I can't see the screen. You're going to have to blow this thing up a little bit for me. Should be used as a Spencer. Yep. Spencer there springs. Okay. I've got a magnifying glass up here to the screen. So that time Go ahead, sponsor right? Hey, I've got a 2000 and nine Audi a five with 3.2 liter V six about 100,000 miles on it had been struggling with currently for a while. I Had a major one. About a year and a half ago that front crossover pipe made out of plastic kind of exploded. So replace that But in the last few months I've noticed some coolant accumulating in the V of the engine. And it's using a little bit every month or so all off to top it off. I took off the intake manifold and just I don't see any clues. It's you know, there's a big plastic thermostat housing, and there's another big, wonderful plastic plate behind it. Nothing looks like it's leaking. Just wanted to see if you know of a common leak. Area. Those engines. What year? Did you say it was Spencer? It's the 2000 and 9 2000 and nine You know, it's the those plastic, um, housings and, uh, covers and outlets and all that stuff. You know what What happens is is you can pull all this down and you can look at it, but you need to pressure test everything with it down because what happens is is when it gets hot. And that plastic expands. Uh, it'll start seeping is usually what happens because the only other thing that you really got underneath that intake planning and stuff is just You know, the only other thing that could really leak would be a head gasket, you know, And if you don't see any corrosion or anything along the edges of the head down in that valley than you know, I doubt very seriously. It's anything other than just those plastic covers and you know, thermostat, housings and That plastic stuff. It's what takes up motors nowadays. Spencer, it's you know, I I recommend I would highly recommend to replace every bit of that stuff. Um, you know, You can, um just just make you a list of all that plastic stuff and replace every bit of it along with new thermostat and everything else. Probably with the age, you might want to consider going ahead and replacing all the cooling system hoses at the same time. You know, it's it's like this. If you don't do that, Um, you're just waiting for another piece of old piece of plastic. That's you know, sealing your cooling system to split and open up and start leaking. And you know, at this point, you know you've been seeping. You know, you've been losing a little bit, but you know, on on that car, I'm just telling you one good, severe overheat. It's the party's gonna be over. And what happens is you can look at that stuff. You won't see a thing leaking on. It won't see one thing like a night and then all of a sudden you get it to the right temperature, and it will expand And if there's a hairline crack in it or anything like that, that's when it starts licking. And all it's going to take is one of these days for it to seep enough to get low on coolant. And then the next thing you know, you get an overheat and like I said, that's you know you get you get that age of a car. It's almost not hardly justifiable to the expensive replacing the motor if you over hate it, So you're better off just a few $100 at it and replace all that plastic stuff. I don't care how difficult it is to do it. If you can't do it yourself, you.

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