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I don't think I don't think the titans were priced correctly here. I would have them ahead of Houston and right there almost with Jacksonville, especially building on what they did last year. They were pretty aggressive in free agency getting guys like Dion Lewis on the offense of side of the ball defensively. They got Malcolm Butler Tennessee's another one that I thought I thought there was some value there. We're gonna have to disagree on this. I think Tennessee stinks. I think they got better for all the reasons that you indicated. But I had them as massively overrated at the end of the last year. I mean, make my case for it. Their stats were that of a basically a nine and seven team that gained five point two yards per play. They gave up five looks pretty solid and they they, like you said, they've improved the team. They've improved the coaching staff. Why shouldn't they improve one mariota's injured every year. And if he doesn't have wheels and he can't run properly, the offense doesn't work. But the real problem I have with Tennessee is everything broke row right for them in their division. So they go six and seven against games, not against backup quarterbacks within their division, and they get outgained in those games by fifty point. So they really get outplayed, but they pound Indianapolis twice, and they found Houston once when Tom savage and. Or the quarterbacks. And that really those games made their defense look good because they basically really shut down those three teams. And when I said they pound them, they really didn't pound Indianapolis. Those were to close games that were actually bad beats of your bed Indianapolis in both of them. So because of that and the team going five and one in division, I love fading teams, five and one in division because I think that if you're Jackson, you've got beat both times by them. You've got that game circled, same Indianapolis, so, but your opinion is probably more prevalent than mine on Tennessee. Most people are high Tennessee. I'm low on them. The ones that out to me and I'm not sure it's even wrong, but just to see Seattle, Steve with the nineteenth best odds to make the playoffs at plus two twenty. I I'm not sure it's wrong. It just it just stand out to me. Yeah, you know, I was talking to RJ bell about Seattle, and he made a great point and kind of brought me along where they lost so much on the defensive side, and I really downgrade them and he, he was asking me when was the last time we saw a team with a top five quarterback, not be favored to make the playoffs. So think about Green Bay where they really have a subpar team across the board. But as long as Aaron Rodgers is quarterbacking, they win ten games, doesn't matter that the rest of the squad wins four or five finally has to play the whole year. We'll Seattle. You could make the same case Russell Wilson right now is my number two rated quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers. So if I have the number two quarterback in the league, how can the team be not be projected to be in playoff contention? I think it's probably worth the flyer to bet. Yes, Seattle playoffs. What about? I'm glad you mentioned Green Bay because we kind of glossed over them, Steve. They've got the fifth best odds overall to make the playoffs third-best in the NFC and they're in the same division as the Vikings and Detroit should be salad. Chicago will be better. Do you think that that the Vegas odds are are a little too kind to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? You think that's about right. I think it's about right. You know, all the Packers do is win ten plus games as long as Rogers there. And then of course, one can argue, well, he's broken his collarbone twice in the last five years. Willie be there. Will he be willing to run?.

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