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By the time that she was like in the spotlight I mean, I'm looking at pictures of her before and she so she's beautiful always but her hairline before I mean it really is such a market difference I. Don't know if I'd ever seen a picture of it, but it's she so beautiful and she really does like look you can see the. Can See her more exotic side. It's just it's so sad that looks like it was sounds like it was really painful which you had to go through. Yeah, it was and you know that she ended up as this beauty icon. Certainly, she was one of the the top pinups of the World War Two era and that that whole pinup of her as part of the story of the Shawshank redemption. So it's she's almost has these reverberations retired. But and you know I watched one of her movies with Fred astaire recently, and her as a dancer. She's so underrated. She's such an incredible dancer and she just. She just has this perfect dancer's body and like very few people have ever looked as good as she looks in those movies. But when you think about the cost of it like the personal cost and how she had to really become a different person, it's Definitely, a sad moment in history. Wow I, feel like it is it's always So, strange to me like but the recurring theme of how much people changed about themselves to succeed in old Hollywood like it almost makes me think like was anyone able to just kind of walk in and be themselves and make it work for like did everyone like get their jaw fixed or like pretend they're different ethnicity like it just feels so recurring. Yeah I. think that I'm sure there probably is an example of somebody who didn't have to do anything but. On some level I think that the studio system liked to find people where there was something they could fix because then it it was sort of an easy path to taking total control over them and making them feel insecure making them feel like they wouldn't be able to do it without the studios help. Wow, wow of and you just know I mean this is an obvious thing to say and I've now said it three times I think but I can't get over like how painful surgery and like beauty modification stuff must have been back. Then like I think about Maryland a million people getting their like nose jobs in the nineteen fifties like a chill goes through my body. We're they awake like I don't even know. Oh it's not right. It's just it's sad also like Marilyn Monroe is you know she had like a Chin implant yes that's. Pretty Serious plastic surgery a Chin implant like a Chin implant. Stuff back but that's On? Yeah, that's crazy town. My favorite band. Okay we. I just found this and I don't know if it's true but it feels like on a lighter note interesting to bring up that Rita Hayworth's hair care routine and Karina You can feel free to be like that's bullshit like. That's true but apparently to keep her hair soft and smooth. She like her sad hair that she had to completely change. If fit into the studio system, she applied olive oil to the ends of her hair. Nice and then she wrapped in a towel let it sit and then she rinsed her hair with hot water and lemon juice to get rid of the oil. Look I'm not saying we should do it. I'm just saying. It's nice to think about it's a lighter note she put oil in her hair it's a happy ending. I don't know if that's true or not but it doesn't sound that crazy I lake just a year ago or something I read like basically what's her name Blake lively like doing the same thing but with coconut oil coconut oil was trendy I know yeah. Yeah. We should all be like putting oil in our hair D- I'm learning anything. Not me either okay I need like dry shampoo. Schmidt, here we I wish with dish soap last week, and it was the best the best thing I've ever done. So just throwing that out there. Sorry Carrollton. No, that's an old school thing. I remember reading Debbie Mazars into the gloss interview. Grandmother was the most beautiful woman of all time and she washed her hair with palmolive Nowak show. I'm freaking right now I'm like. Pull that Tabah fast enough. You guys I have like major oily scalp like full of like buildup like my scalp is a nightmare and I just got in I feel like this is a gross like not chic recommendation but Neutrogena makes a shampoo called T. Sal and it has solid silica acid in it and my boat my face like love salicylic acid I, love all acids especially Salicylic and yes apparently this chimp who was like a a cult favorite gross scout gals like me and it helps take down some of the build up it. Look I'm just throwing out there might be helpful for some nasty South Globe's listening. Look. It's a straw. I'M GONNA look into that because you know not to bring it back to x amount. But like sometimes I get on the crown of my hair and there's there's like an Veda spray that has that solit- solicits cellulosic, whatever it is. That, I use sometimes but have a feeling the neutrogena stuff like we could probably prevent it. Oh Yeah. That seems worth looking into I also WanNa like lightly touch on. Are you guys to? The trend or like the the behemoth I should really say that are co washes. Have you guys heard of these? Things so. That makes me feel better green. I want to hear more about this but the ideas like it has no soap or detergent in like soap is actually like what's fucking up your hair? What's fucking up your? HOMER homer so men. So this is like once you train your hair to not use so and it's this thing called co wash like all your problems will be gone. I fell for this one did not go well, it just made my hair. So Greasy it was like heavy dripping it was awful I seriously need to find like the dish soap equivalent of shampoo because I don't want to keep using dish soap but I need something that's going to work and just drive that hair out to dry it out because it's greasy the Dafur wash it it's meal just use dish soap make deb's grandma like just get it together. Let's go. You're right. You're right. You're right about that note. My let's let's talk about. Let's go back to re day with for a second. I just want to say I think she would be such a good friend because she was down to do whatever it took to be a star she lake. go-getter that's someone you want on your team look maybe that also means she back stab you I, don't know but I'd like to think I'd like to think she's a pretty would have been a pretty cool friend. I'm going to flip it around and say I want to be her friend I want to be there for her it sounds like she went through a lot. Like I don't care if she's a good friend or not like she needs she needs people in her life. That are there for her and if I could go back in time and do that, I would do it in a second. Yeah I agree I think that she was lonely and she might have had. A different life if there are more people around who are supporting her and giving her self esteem who weren't men because it seems like that's you know, should go through these phases where she'd be in a romance and she would sort of put all her faith in a man to rescue her from the things that were not good about her life, and then it wouldn't work out and it would be sort of an emotional disaster and I think that like that's sort of sort of more important because I I get the sense that she wasn't really about fun to hang out with. You know there's these stories about her when she was with Orson Welles and like he kept, he tried to build her build up her self esteem and be like you know you're not just a sex symbol. person but then he would take her around you know with his friends and she felt very intellectually insecure and she would just sort of clam up So, yeah. I think that it the first step is to be a friend to her so that she can be a frontier you. Yeah. Yeah. Hands. Together. You know give her big. Hug. Tell her. Everything's GonNa be okay and like maybe go to yogurt with her. Show her a good time Lord knows she needs it. Oh Gosh Rita we this episode is dedicated to you..

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