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Framing numbers measured by strikes looking above average registered the best number in the season in our data set so way, better defense way worse offense, the note that you have there is part of the reason why love with the nationals did during the off season because they didn't only just go out and get one catcher they went out and got John gums in Kerch is okay. What did you think? I agree that that the exact citation I would use because one of them hits like crazy Kurt Suzuki as rate over the last few seasons in relation to most catchers, and we know young can can frame and can throw better the most catcher. So you have two guys was such a a wide skillset variance, both of whom are proven professionals in veterans that you're not paying all that much money. That is a better formula than than sticking behind the plate for one hundred fifty games a year, I agree entirely before you go. What you World Series pick my World Series. Pick is the Yankees over the cardinals. I think this is the Yankees year. They're gonna win their division. Even though the Red Sox were juggernaut last year. I think Yankees might even be better than the Red Sox where year go the National League is wide open. The reason I like the cardinals is because of their off-season editions. But I also think the young pitch. The power pitchers on that staff. Should they remain healthy gives them the best staff in the National League? And I know that's not a popular opinion. But it's mine. Yeah. Jack, Larry looks like an absolute beasts, and I do think I wrote a column today about how during the summertime Madison. Bumgarner is going to be the most talked about pitcher in assuming that the cardinals will be in on that conversation about thanks for doing that later, boys. Bleacher tweets. All right BUSTER, we are on the eve of opening day. Let's get to some bleed your tweets. First one from one of our favorites. Rena at Rena banana BUSTER clinical isn't signed this week is his career over..

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