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Cool I'm sure you're out wandering around today driving around looking in your own garden you're probably gonna notice some things and it's going to be like the hang on a minute what's going on here we are already seeing we are already seeing lots and lots of trees start to come out of dormancy early which that's not a good day and folks are going might my fruit trees are blooming and they shouldn't even be having flowers leaves raining on him yet there's nothing you can do about that you can be upset you can be disappointed band I'm gonna fit the bill on both of those issues but we don't get to control the tree in any way this is what this year's weather pattern was and probably going to be more likely weather pattern over time we're seeing fewer and fewer chill hours which are desperately needed by certain varieties of trees to reach the point to bloom properly there is nothing you can do if your fruit tree is already blooming the only solution is to hold that we do not have a freeze it freezes off the blossoms I don't have a lot of faith in that and yeah I have several trees that I desperately want to be able to bloom in fruit this year but we usually get a late phrase and it's going to cause a lot of damage this happens like I said disappointing distracting we hate it it's like they're getting we have to wait an entire year before we have a chance of getting the fruit tree back again but there's no guarantee that you're going to get a harbor six year it's just the way the weather is bad and we can't really do our we we can't really get control of that so if you are starting plan if you went to the thing yesterday at the National Guard which Jim Thomas he was probably bringing up the fact that we are looking to get trees that.

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