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WIP Monica we are live at the beautiful borgata hotel-casino it spotted leading, city on. A Friday boarding. A judge, I wasn't lied he said Faria today we. Got, tons of guests today. Johnson you know you stop you said that the you don't even know what. Are, the guests we have oh we have. Yesterday You said it. You, would you d You just made that up. No, we have. Some great guests today yes. We do but you made it up. You don't even. Know that. They won guess we have. We have we? Have, an eagles. Player do we not yes? We do could you be, more specific he's, on the offensive side seven, o'clock today Pro Bowl offense of God Brandon. Brooks ice fresh out of the hospital he was rushed, to the hospital this, week with dehydration and yet days later. He can't wait to, talk to us He may want to, go back after that love it I just. Wanna know from Brandon Brooks what's it like to be, a champion someday I, hope to be a champion Johnson yeah Must be different right it must be exciting he's on at seven eight o'clock from training camp Zach, bourbon and Philly dot com because Berman as? The best question the entire week. Here. When Doug Peterson, was try to tell you what the plan. Was to. Do with wets Zach went why is, this plan and what's his name Doug didn't? Know what to do yeah so he. Went It's the plan The answer no when I, was a horrible Zac, bourbon it'll be out, of talks. In football whether. It's eight o'clock eight forty oh my God this guy may be the greatest chef and restaurant tour in America today right. Here in front of the gypsy brought borgata Michael Schultz set chief. Proprietor is a Kaya its tenth anniversary here Michael. Jackson once went to dinner with three people he will tell the, story and. The tab came Jones e. yeah three. People nobody had more than one. Cocktail, tab three thousand eight hundred dollars thousand. Well that's what. I wanna know what else I wanna know. 'cause I've been to these kind of place. It wasn't one of his place was full did he have to stop? At. McDonald's on the way home They call it a tasting menu Wanna taste I want a gorge Michael. Show soon be at eight forty? What did the great stand up comics in America, will be sitting here with us, even though he's a stand up we're going to get, them to, sit down ice Craig show maker Philadelphia zone to tell the story of how he became a sports hero himself in Dodger Stadium. For the Phillies were out. There a foul. Ball was hit he missed it he bobbled. It cleaned off his hands familiar he started. To complain that it was unfair hit within. Another ball gets hit to him He throws one arm out and makes a. Great cat redeemed himself and in the. Social, media world we're in today he became an instant, sports here it's great he'll. Tell that story. He's appearing here at got it I gotta get tickets he's great Jay blacks coming. Up to talk about NFL ratings 'cause I don't. Know if anybody watch it there was an actual NFL preseason. Game last night will score the? Hall of fame where lots of people in fact, if I'm not I think the, way we charted this hour more guarantee could have been, act that, game because he was driving through that area Al at last look was in Indiana yes he will not reach home during our. Show today but he's with. The dog he. Still alive he'll be making his first check. In with us today at six forty Johnson. Laugh this is stupid stuff on the radio Doing this a long time I light this stuff I like how. You brought up he's alive before anything I, don't I don't think he slept dry twenty seven hours without sleep to bring a dog home it's crazy but I gotta start with the mystery and I, need, the help of, the callers. On this because I've already, run it. By my co host today Jones Ian John Johnson bay got nothing I went, to abor Graham. Nothing shot there, is no logical explanation for what is happening right now at, citizens Bank no logical explanation by the way later in the show just a little. Later in the show I'll tell you what actually happened at Fenway park when. That fan get thrown out we now know the whole story by the way, it was not Gade capital but. When you. Find out who was your head will explode that's coming up but let me start. With that all right. Last night, you can't get whether you thought it was, an artistic, game on that no wasn't all right. It wasn't but you. Can't get a more dramatic finish you know you can You know Jones. Yeah I had to get up to pay at ten o'clock perfect timing I. Always check to see what the score oh my God they're down to one, the basis a loaded one out. Nick Williams. Is coming up this is exciting stuff right I have seen nothing I caught up. This morning but I. Had seen, nothing at this point yeah bases loaded three, to cow, more exciting No, it doesn't address it here's what happened to. Them,.

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