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I now have to evaluate everyone that ever told me that. But it's still do, you know, it's like you could say this is good Indian food, and this is bad Indian food. But if you don't like Indian food at all, I mean, you at least need to know that you're dealing with a curry. Yeah. And I didn't think John. Woo was camp. I thought John who was a serious director because many people I know studied him as if he were scholarly, and that's kinda shocking. When you see this masterwork this glass, it what is not. Scholarly about this Stewart. I mean, you have Sean Archer based on Sagittarius the Archer the constellation which directly opposite of that is Gemini, which has two stars castor and Pollock's the name of our two village. They're diametrically opposed. I mean, this is intellectual the more pretentious the better. I love all the pretentious details. They've tried to sell us. It makes it better some newly graduated UCLA film students there. Yeah. Yeah. I understand you do that. When you're giving junk, you try to polish the turn you try to bring ideas, any no, it sometimes be movies do graduate and become scholar. Like, the writers slash producers themselves were actually surprised when they saw this getting made as a my because this is an eighty five million dollar film, and they're showing up on set on days when like the airplanes crashing or the speedboat chases are happening. And they're like ask each other the studio does this is about two people who take their faces off. Right. Even they realize that the premise probably comes off a little bit camper than the movie does. But I knew what I was in for when I went into theaters first of all I mean, I've seen the rock and con air at this point had you seen either of those. I've never seen them. Okay. Right there. There's a level that there's a problem because if you don't know put down the. No, I don't know. Any did not go see action movies in the nineties? I really didn't. That is an indie film. John. Malkovich depot semi come on. It's all Indian actors villains. And Leaving Las Vegas is nNcholas cage. I mean that is actually why I saw was the cast and isn't big rains and raises the two. Yes, it was like a Pulp Fiction reunion. But the trailer for this was really campy in and of itself because it started with like a grizzled warned down Travolta discussing this guy. He's trying to capture them but trying to capture for years. It's very serious. The camera rotating around it does a three sixty. So you're behind his head. When you come back around the other side, he goes the only way to stop him is to become him. And of course, it's nNcholas cage. Then you're treated to another sixty seconds of over the top ridiculous, gunfights and explosions. I knew what. Was in for I went happily. Yeah. I mean, I knew that it was gunfights in over the top action. I just didn't know the rest of it. I mean, I didn't know the plot. Arnie? Why don't you give it to folks? Maybe they don't know like me, and we can all laugh about off nNcholas cage is castor, Troy international terrorist for hire. John Travolta is Sean Archer the FBI agent trying to capture Troy in nineteen Ninety-one. Troy tried to take out the law, man, stalking him. So he used a sniper rifle to shoot Archer in the back, but the bullet went clean through Archer's body into his young son killing the toddler now..

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