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In the new york area. There's so much golf out there but but yeah caddies. Saudis are so so great and become so kind of synonymous for us with a lot of different especially like resorts that we'd gone through. You know like we've got Hanky panky mighty like erin hills like anytime. We go there. That an honest with the experience of doing ryland up a cabinet. That aren't is whenever we tried that. We think that we got thomason. Logan down at pinehurst to help us to victory and imagines kissel it's like again like is augusta. Didn't just never even would have imagined we'd be able to like ryan gabby and now that we're kind of in this position where we could these caddies and they are such a part of the golf experience. Did you like cabot cabot. Fantastic cabinet is right up there for me. Yeah i think the clips course you know i love court crenshaw love views you give that type of bland and it's amazing yeah. Have you been out to abandon done band in twice in. I mean yeah now. We're just like it's hard to talk about. You know pinehurst abbott bandon and decides funds better than rich for. They're all so good well. I just played a few months. I've played the sheep ranch. Would you think which is the new court crenshaw course spectacular best use of all the courses there yeah no bunkers. Because it's so windy though. I know that great. I mean as i get older. My bunk by bunker game isn't as good as it used to be. It's very interesting. And i don't know if this is what everybody as we get older. I i'd say the biggest problem as i get older as my short game. It's not my full. Swing is much short game. I i don't know. I don't know other hand eye coordination. I don't know what it is. But i have to work very hard on my shorten. Look we We gotta get out and play at some point. We got exchange. We've got to. We've got to get out and play and We know you're you know you're busy man. You know you gotta you know bringing families together play as much golf as you possibly can. so so. let's let's talk some golf again soon. We gotta have your back and get into it because we know you'll love it. That's great thanks guys. I appreciate it. Thanks. so much. Bye-bye.

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