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That's where we thought the gap was that MLS teams are closing and it felt like these two teams in the revs and the sounders and I think NYCFC, got there. That clearly was not. But let me challenge you on that one. And I'm not going to say the word that I can not say. But Sebastian legit has talked about how he's not fully comfortable yet in the role that he has in the team. From two games against unknown Haitian team. I'm not saying I'm not saying it would be like from zero to a hundred, but it might be from zero to 20. You might have had opportunities for John bell and Omar to play together a little bit more because you can rest the other guys. I'm just saying there's more reps more of a rhythm more of a game rhythm going into this. More of an opportunity to even just protect leads and have in your mind. Okay, here's how we do it. We can do it. It's not the same competition, and I'll let this go now. And let's ask the bigger question. This is a revolution team that knows they're going to lose, maybe for sure, Matt Turner, it seems. And maybe books on the summer. There's no guarantee that they'll have an opportunity to or they'll be in an MLS Cup final, et cetera. They got to earn that blah blah blah. They were in this competition with an opportunity to move into the semifinals. They're in this competition with an opportunity to make history. How disappointing how much of a failure is this to fall short in this way in this moment. For this revs team, given what how they're built and what's going to change for them. I think it's, I think, failure, oh, it is what it is. It is a failure. It's going to be super nice. It is a failure. It's not catastrophic if you look at their bigger body of work that they have ahead of them. Yes, in the concave Champions League competition. Whenever you have a three zero lead going to Mexico, it's been proven that no lead is safe,.

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