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I often talk my nor my bugbear is People who claim to be intellectual who have a philosophical bias against faith. It's wrong it's a philosophical bias. It is illogical but on the other side there are people in in the world of faith who have somehow in a knee jerk way adopted a bias against the things of the mind against the intellect. There are people christians. There almost nas ticks Who don't want to hear about reason they just wanna be kind of floating in the ether. as though faith and reason are opposed to each other. So tell us elijah stevens. You've made the film send prove. Why do you see that in the church. Anti-intellectualism i think that happened. During the great awakenings. It was not a part of the church until like people like finney came along and said look to reach the frontiers. We need to make this stuff. Simple emotional end. God use that but it stripped out the mind and so in the american wait wait wait so finney in the nineteenth century during the second great awakening right. He kind of emphasized. Let's keep it simple. Let's not go into the intellect because we're trying to reach the people on the frontier. I mean he actually made a strategic choice to do that. Yes and that kind of split. The church part where you have high intellectualism on one side and low focus on the power of spirit and then high focus on the power of the spirit and high emotionalism. And it's like there's this divide but that hasn't always been the

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