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Weirdo Book Worms Unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you some MHM readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss. What we've been reading? Johner junkies at Sandra. This Scott got stitches year to alone says thank you to everybody who gave for some well wishes as a few weeks ago when she was sick and she's all better now. He seems to be doing much much better. Yeah she had to have her medicine. She's all all good just here overseeing the podcast odd cast per usual. Hey you know. Wells was sick. That would be Scott. Hanson this episode is a weekly. It was it was real bad. y'All it was really. I had no voice I had no energy was really on a massive insane ear infection Kenneth Out of nowhere but yeah and then like yeah no voice voice and it was just. It was a whole thing sell you know. Sometimes the start of the year can be a little rough. This is one of those times. One of those times was a long ear. And Gal. We've been a little remiss in lake our social media posting and like telling everybody what's coming up up so we were going to get better at that again but I can tell you right now after this book. Were doing a some women in horror staff off for February which is very very exciting. We're doing a compilation called strange women. And that was kind of mostly composed by I assure a knox and that's going to be a fun little horror short story collection by. I think they're all women authors or at least Mostly Yeah I don't know. I think they're all women authors though are believe they are yes yes yes yes that'd be fantastic and then after that. We have the babysitters coven. And that's going to be a crossover event. With one of my other shows those bookie slumber party there's GonNa be so many of yes and then and we also The cold show another one of my shows where doing some limited hor month stuff too. So there's just there's so much so much awesomeness for women in horror and you know the Jonah Junkies. We like to participate so because I am a woman in horror and I am married to a woman in horror. He lives a pretty horrifying in life. So tonight we're talking about it's fiction science fiction pretty hard core science fiction. A novel cold old sleeping giants. This is the first of a trilogy from the famous files and it's written by Sylvan. Neuville who is a will this whole trilogy. I should say is really popular. It's been read by many many many people. It is a pretty well regarded. Did pretty well loved science fiction trilogy not older anything but recent Sifi stuff and it is told through a series of interviews. It's one of those. That's non traditional format. It's similar in some respects to World War Z.. Yeah he kind of from one perspective in a way well. It's not from one perspective. No but it's it's it's more because all the characters get interviewing even in this is like their interviews yes it's definitely about multiple characters but it's compiled from one perspective whereas World War Z.. Reads more like a a Like a smattering of different stories. Right and this is actually lake in the blurb. It's like if you're a fan of Michael CRICHTON World War Z.. And the Martian Shen. Then you'll like this. So that's that's pretty exciting stuff in one of the reasons this company this series has been on my radar for long long time. And I've always thought Scott would enjoy this but especially once. I saw that blurb in those are like a few of his favorite things right there I was like okay. I think we gotta try this so I'm going to read you guys the description again. This is sleeping giants but one of the themes files. A girl named rose. Rose is writing her new bike near her home. In deadwood South Dakota when she falls through the earth she wakes up at the bottom of a square hole. It's walls glowing with intricate carvings things but the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger a little girl in the palm of a giant metal hand. Seventeen years later the mystery history of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved its origins architects and purpose. Unknown it's carbon. Dating defies belief military reports are redacted theories or floated then rejected but some can never stop searching for answers. Rose Franklin is now a highly trained physicist leading a top secret team to crack the hands code and along with her her colleagues. She is being interviewed by nameless interrogator. He's power and purview or is enigmatic as the providence of the relic. What is clear is that rose? In her compatriots are on the edge of unraveling history's most perplexing discovery and figuring out what it portends for humanity but once the piece of the puzzle in place will the result proved to be an instrument instrument of lasting peace or weapon of mass destruction. So it's interesting the it doesn't really go into details on the hand is so I guess we should be careful with our non spoiler section discussing what what the hand leads to. Yeah okay so we'll kind of dance around that I think from the description like you kinda get in the something a giant metal hand but we'll we'll keep it vague so first of all One of our friends one of my really good friends. Molly is from South Dakota. So Hey South Dakota deadwood yes she says like awesome awesome I wonder if all of all y'all in South Dakota big fans of this book specially around that area so yes so let's just kind of right off the bat talk about our our scores on this so I felt I found this book to be a good read. I really enjoyed did it. I found myself coming back to it fairly easily. It wasn't it wasn't a page Turner. It wasn't something I just absolutely couldn't put it down but I really enjoyed the writing in the the the decision that was made in in the styling of the book I really enjoyed it. So here's the thing I'm I'm I'm in good re too but I would say there was parts of it that were page Turner. I wouldn't say it was just a solidly good read I would say it's kind of in between those two. Yeah of course you're going to like certain people's perspectives more than other people's that does happen in any sort of like multi perspective book but there is some just really cool things about how this book was written. So that's GONNA be Kinda my my my launching doing my launching into that if you don't mind launch your way launch away off so as we mentioned this book is told through a series of interviews views. And it's really interesting because we've had lengthy discussions on this show about how Scott and I are really care to driven readers and and I was very nervous like how is this going to be character-driven when it's kind of Almost exposition and lake. How how is this all going to work? And like with the plot and for this being a not traditionally character driven narrative. You still get a lot of character stuff and really distinctive voices an ear characters and kind of an interesting intimacy with them an insight into them but also just a lot of cool plot staff and I think that in the hands of a less skilled writer this entire structure would have been horrible. So this is I really Commend Nouvelle for his style and his execution education. Well what the author does to bring you the characters and actually bring you that that feeling of them into the story is it's actually two different types. Yeah well it's there there's three. There's three different types of X. Positional story types in the book. There's the classic interview between the Project Project leader and these different characters. There's confessionals that are basically transcriptions of things that the characters are putting into their own personal diaries stories and then there's also X. Positional reports that are written by Organizations about what has happened. And that's and and that's the part that's a little bit drier to give you some setting but the combination of both the confessional and interviewed as a really good job of of bringing you into the the struggles in the personal thoughts of the characters I think that's a really really good way of putting it cell. I was overall overall very pleased with the characters and the development of this. Of course the story. And the mystery of what their unraveling and you know these this absolutely insane. Gene scientific discovery that is rewriting humankind and has these far reaching. Oh just huge concept things that are being put on humanity and making us change as a culture and making religions have to adapt to this artifact and so so much It's interesting that some of the characters voices were still just really Gosh I can't think of a great word for it but just you did feel a connection connection and it felt humble even with all the really big stuff going on. I wasn't crazy about one male characters perspective. which is it's actually not a huge one in the book And I didn't really care for him and that was me. I mean the characters not super likable but he was the only one that at times felt that it was a little male Gezi. I know what you're talking about. And he is not a great character. Yeah but at the same time from a male perspective he is somewhat relatable and so I I totally don't I don't disagree at all that he's not like a like a like a fabulous character but at the same time supposed to. Yeah but but at the same time. He's not he's not gross. He's not he's not all that assuras and he is. He is somewhat relatable from a male perspective. Okay I appreciate that. Yeah he was the only one that like that kind of took coming out of the story at times and made me roll my eyes and be like you know like just let sound and again the rolling of the eyes you You can probably hear my is willing from space during some things. This character said but there's other meals perspective. That did not do that. And I. I really enjoyed the female characters in this book. I really enjoyed how rose and Kara are like super different. And you can tell when you're reading it those are humane female perspectives. We get and that was really cool. Because they have their own way of talking and thinking and reacting and it didn't it didn't feel copy paster Easter. Anything like that. You agree I do agree. I I like the female perspective in this book. Probably more than any male except for possibly the project director. Although I'm not sure do they is it. Explicitly stated the project director is male. Yes okay he is my favorite character. The the interrogator easily I love him. He is so funny and so ambiguous so true to his motives and and you love him and you hate him and he's funny. He's my favorite for sure. He's he's kind of a actually. Here's a fun game. Who would you cast as as the project director? Who did you visualize as the project director? I don't know if I really have like a person person but it would be light. Light White cisgender like early sixties male soaring Cox. Sure are we saw. Anthony Cox non descript White Dude who works for the government that has a lot going on under the surface. I would. I'd say this is as far as appeal..

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